Traveler Agenda (July 29, 30 and 1)


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A FESTIVAL. On the 29th and 30th of June, the Memory Park quotes all the nostalgic people in the Manguilla Park of El Escorial for the eighties and nineties music .

Concerts and outdoor attractions, with 17 pop and dance performances, and especially music inspired in the 90s.

The little ones will have fun with the musical 'Tadeo Jones, workshops and water activities.

In addition, there will be space for urban art and gastronomy - food trucks lovers, again we see the faces - and an exhibition of old cars.

On the stages we will see artists like Íñigo Band, Nacha Pop, Social Security, Paco Pil, Jumper Brothers, accomplices, Taxi, Revolver, Celtas Cortos or Chimo Bayo.

Were those 90 times better? Let's find out dancing!

Mapa del festival Memory Park

Map of the Memory Park festival © Memory Park

ONE RESTAURANT, or two! Because we can go to the Canadian to celebrate the Week of Canada, or we can also go to Comala to try the gastronomic novelties that present this new summer calendar on the terrace.

In El Canadiense (Carranza 10), we tried the Poutine, its varied hamburgers, the meatloaf or the ribs with maple syrup . Also if you are Canadian and carry your passport, there is a gift!

In Comala, we sit on the terrace at street level, where we can choose some of the new recipes among which the salmorejo of strawberries with Iberian ham, quinoa salad with Capresa, tuna tartare on avocado bed with Sweet potato chips or chicken and vegetable fetucccini thai in julienne.

Uno de los postres que se pueden pedir en Comala

One of the desserts that can be ordered in Comala © Comala

THE FASHION GOES TO THE STREET, and does it in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Madrid with the Latina Fashion Weekend, a weekend full of cultural activities and parades that falls within the project of the Madrid City Council: Madrid Capital de Moda ( MCDM) .

It was a year ago when the first urban parade was held in Madrid, and its success makes it come back with even more force. On Friday afternoon a parade of Maison Mesa is held in the street .

For lovers of fashion, culture, art and the whole family, a weekend that enhances entrepreneurship, design and creation.

ROCK AND LOADED METAL! What are we talking about? From the DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL MADRID, the second Spanish edition of the mythical festival that comes from the United Kingdom and takes place in the Magic Box on June 28, 29 and 30.

We know that there are still tickets and this is a date not to be missed, and that is that among the 55 artists who will perform during the three days of the festival are Guns N 'Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Avenger Sevenfold, Judas Priest or Marilyn Manson.

Cartel del festival Download en Madrid

Festival poster Download in Madrid © Download Festival

AN EXHIBITION, Zero Gravity by Roberto Maján . Since June 29, at the Art Gallery Lunch Box, located on Calle del Pez, a selection of watercolors that revolve around love, celebrate Gay Pride also in 2018, talking about sex, food, laughter, sorrow and pain.

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AND WE CONTINUE WITH THE SECTION OF ART visiting the exhibition that opens the Thyssen Museum on two painters, teacher and disciple: Boudin and Monet.

A tour of the artistic movement of impressionism that can be visited until September 30.

Cuadro impresionista de Monet

Impressionist painting by Monet © Thyssen Museum

OF SHOPS IN BARCELONA . Ok, we all know that the sales are falling, but we prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of treasures like this.

We present Honne The Brand, at number 14 of Pere Serafí street, in the heart of the Gràcia neighborhood. Shop, showroom and studio, in which Rosa, Estefanía and Eire present a collection that will make you fall in love from beginning to end.

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WINES : On June 30 we will visit the Bodega de Las Moradas de San Martín to spend a very special night in which after making the visit and wine tasting, we will end up seeing the stars by the hand of AstroAfición.

The price is 35 euros and the schedule from 20:30 to 23:00 hours.

Bodegas Las Moradas de San Martín

Las Moradas de San Martín Wineries © Las Moradas de San Martín Wineries

IN THE GREAT SCREEN, we take advantage of the time and go to the mythical and wonderful summer cinemas that Madrid has been infected. Which one?

In this article we propose the best ones, to enjoy classic and current titles in the car, under a glass dome or in the moonlight.

Cines de verano en Madrid: películas a la luz de la luna

Summer cinemas in Madrid: moonlight movies © Seagram's New York Rooftop at Casa Suecia

BOOKS with which to go planning our dream trip by train. Traveling by train: Interrail through Europe and Traveling by train: The Trans-Siberian are two books by Anaya Touring publishing house, which are the definitive guides to know everything about this adventure that yes or yes you have to live. Do you want to carry it out? Here you have all the keys!

IN THE NETWORKS, we began to follow the trail of photographer Mario Villamiel, but in his traveling version: @mevout, the name? 'Mevo' is a seagull in Esperanto, and with that symbolizes that freedom with which he began to travel and that is inspired, of course, in the mythical book by Juan Gaviota.

Thus in his photos he shows us the soul of different people in the world. He also has a web page, where he is publishing the portraits with the different stories of each of those people with whom he spoke, on a map.

In it he explains his project and he does it like this: “I am going to meet people who are looking for simple and original solutions to problems that affect us all”.

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