Gata de Gorgos, the Alicante town that deserves a stop


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There are villages that are not only for summer. And Gata de Gorgos is one of them. This corner of Alicante is located in a strategic place on every good route through the Mediterranean region of the Marina Alta: 9 kilometers from Jávea, 13 from Denia and just over an hour's drive from both Valencia and Alicante.

Wherever you go and where you come from, we give you reasons to stop along the way and fill the trunk of local crafts, from baskets or wicker baskets to hats or guitars but also to gastro gifts, that the Valencian Community He knows a lot.

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Every day, the streets of this municipality of Alicante dress up with their typical products, which proudly display to tourists who walk through its historic center and who browse through its shops and stately homes.

In Gata de Gorgos it doesn't smell like the sea, but it doesn't need it. The town has always managed to exploit its other charms, such as traditional crafts . Two guitar factories, ten of hats, seven of bags and one of furniture confirm it.

And also one of hydraulic mosaics, those pigmented cement tiles decorated with geometric motifs that Paco Sirerol, the fourth generation of a family business that started his great grandfather, has resumed after more than 20 years of inactivity.

In Mosaics Sirerol they elaborate, one by one and with their more than 100 models or to measure, colorful tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and rooms of private homes but also for restaurants in the area.

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Gata de Gorgos and its privileged enclave also offer plans in nature, such as a 12km hiking trail, circular and marked by the Gorgos riverbed, which passes through the Arraval neighborhood, the Font de la Mata or the Barranc de Cinnamon.

Have we convinced you? If on your next trip to the Levantine Mediterranean you decide, like us, that Gata de Gorgos is well worth a stop, take note of our favorite addresses:

Aunt Amparo's house (Plaza de España, 30). Although it is not Amparo, but Marisa Signes, her niece granddaughter, who in 2016 converted this 19th-century town house into a tourist accommodation in a shared housing format.

The experience? 100% slow life. She lives in the attic, lends bicycles and rents the rest of the house, which has 5 double rooms and one single room and shares with the tourists the common spaces: kitchen, living room, library and the peaceful courtyard, with a photogenic, shaped pool Pool, which is a true haven of peace. Our advice: book from September. It is the best time.

Casa de la tía Amparo

Like in your house, but in an idyllic town of Alicante © Aunt Amparo's house

Bros Guitars (Rompudetes Game, 32). It is one of the two craft guitar factories of Gata de Gorgos: they make classical, flamenco, three Cuban and also personalized. Joinery and music join this family business that, since 1974, manufactures the guitars that, thanks to its international fame and its relationship with the television program El Hormiguero, have played artists as diverse as Amy Winehouse, Joaquín Sabina, Diego El Cigala or Rozalén

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La Pau Pastry (Carrer La Pau, 29). Their specialty is mojito cake, but, of course, they also sell typical sweets like almond cake with meringue. In bakeries and bakeries, you can find their traditional burnt bread, bamboo, " pastissets de Glòria " or sweet potato, Coca Maria and a multitude of both sweet and savory cocas.

Ca Curro (Carrer Signes, 23). This place will catch you if you are a foodie or fan of the fascinating world of neighborhood shops that are really butchers but sell from gourmet nougat to organic wines. In the case of Casa Curro, since 1913, they are specialized in traditional meats and sausages in the area, such as sobrasada or what they call “ butifarra dolça ”, with caramelized onion with honey.

Recycling Decoration (Plaza de España, 14). In the same street, which serves as a road that crosses the town, you have several shops to choose from: from the most traditional, such as Artesanía Maruja or Casa Ramiro, to the newest ones like this one. In them you will find baskets and baskets of palm heart, espadrilles, cushions, carpets or esparto lamps. At this point, the question is … do you have enough space in the trunk of the car?

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The Celler de la Marina (Plaza España, 25). They sell typical products of the region, such as its famous mistela, obtained from the muscat grape; craft beers or Panama hats made in Gata de Gorgos . But it is also a space where they perform wine and oil tastings or exhibitions.

Yes, there are still villages to discover. In the case of Gata de Gorgos, whether as a tourist or as a traveler, we recommend you do it before all Instagram does.