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Ibiza is the island of magical light, infinite sunsets and secret beaches . Also of fresh fish, fig trees that rest on canes, orchards of orange earth, countrymen with straw hat and Africans that set the rhythm by drumming. Between the sea and the rural, Ibiza is a place of wonderful contrasts.

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And beyond the party, the dripping of young people wanting to give everything and restaurants that serve supposed tapas, there is a romantic island that provides for love. More green and flowered than ever after winter rains, Ibiza is a territory full of romantic plans to live as a couple . Not all fit in one day, but we give you options to choose your own love itinerary.

Can Quince de Balafia

A pool to never leave © Can Quince de Balafia


The mornings in Ibiza taste like salt. Also a fruit salad, organic yogurt, cereals, goat cheese, Iberian ham, country eggs and natural juices. Of course, also to coffee, to start the day with energy.

It is the breakfast that can be served in your bed inside a 13th century tower if you sleep in Can Quince de Balafia, a place specially designed for romanticism . Every detail is designed for couples in an enclosure considered one of the best examples of traditional architecture of the island and declared of Cultural Interest .

A step away from the town of Sant Llorenç, "this is the perfect place for lovers, " said Sophie Gotovitch, whose family acquired the farm just over two decades ago.

Since 2014 it is also a guest house where you can rest, enjoy a silence that only breaks the trill of dozens of little birds, relax to the fullest in its gardens and cool off in its beautiful pool from which to observe the beautiful rural landscape of the heart of Ibiza .

Can Quince de Balafia

The most romantic accommodation in Ibiza © Can Quince de Balafia


In the middle of the morning, when the sun starts to itch, the island always has a beach-like destination on the horizon. The coveted turquoise waits in many hiding places that seem made specifically for couples. Nothing like swimming in the calm and clean waters of Ibiza.

It is the north where some of the most romantic coves are hidden. And the E-10 road that goes to Portinatx offers, practically followed, three of them. The first is Xarraca, as accessible and comfortable as it is ideal to enjoy a good bath with a certain tranquility next to a beautiful hotel.

If you want more privacy, on its western side there are several old boathouses: what you gain in privacy is lost in comfort, but you can't always have everything.

Pareja Ibiza

Xarraca, S'illot des Rencli, Xuclar, Ses Boques, Cala Molí … the options are endless and for all tastes! © Nacho Sánchez

Later, S'illot des Rencli and Xuclar are tiny pieces of sand where mass tourism is literally impossible. In both barely fit a few towels and a handful of hammocks.

All three have a beach bar, just in case. And, to the south, beaches like Ses Boques or Cala Molí are also other suggestive options to endorse love between posidonia meadows and colorful fish.

Cala Moli

Cala Molí, a romantic corner between meadows of Posidonia © iStock


By the end of the morning a different plan is to approach La Huerta Ibiza, which Julia Kleber and Raquel Falomir have proposed for just a few weeks.

From twelve o'clock, both of you are waiting for you at the Can Jaume farmhouse, just outside Puig den Valls, stop receiving you with lemonade and iced hibiscus tea . It is the gateway to a different place, a plot of orange trees with Balinese beds, comfortable hammocks, sofas and small tables made of pallets where colorful flowers and inspiring phrases stand out.

It is a unique place to get carried away by the most positive philosophy, smile and fall in love even more. Also to try some delicious snacks based on organic products. Vegan ceviche, paella, pasta, grilled meat or sushi are some of the dishes offered by various restaurants through small stands where there are also natural juices, craft beers and natural wines.

"All are organic products and zero kilometer. It is a very important aspect for us, " says Julia. Live music is the final touch for the thing to flow as a couple every Sunday morning (although, when the heat tightens more, the event will move on Saturday afternoon).

La Huerta de Ibiza

The Garden of Ibiza © Nacho Sánchez


Another option is to approach one of the restaurants where the experience goes beyond the table. Ibiza is full of them : from the wonderful surroundings of Can Berri Vell in the town of San Agustí to the ancient temple that houses Sa Capella, on the outskirts of Sant Antoni de Portmany .

Lunch is one of those moments when you have to know how to choose well and, when in doubt, where you will never fail is choosing La Paloma, in the tiny town of Sant Llorenç de Balafia and where love is breathed in the air in a thousand and one Languages.

A large garden and two terraces under the broad branches of a carob tree host one of the most requested gastronomic spaces on the island. In fact, the phone does not stop ringing for reservations, so you have to call as early as possible .

A walk through its facilities helps to understand the philosophy of this Italian family that decided to open the restaurant almost three years ago based on homemade, organic and cooked products with the least possible processing.

An orchard with herbs and vegetables is the turning point to achieve the perfect taste of focaccias, hamburgers, pizzas or tasty salads. Also dishes such as black risotto with sepia, various homemade pasta or a salmon ceviche with mango go perfectly with the organic and natural wines that are part of your menu .

Hamburguesa y ensalada oriental con focaccia para un gran, gran almuerzo

Hamburger and oriental salad with focaccia for a great, great lunch © Nacho Sánchez


The afternoon belongs to the beach, both for the nap and for the first rays of the sunset. On roads full of red poppies, white wild carrots and a multitude of small violet flowers you can reach one of the best known, Benirrás .

Sunday afternoon is a real party, but the rest of the week the afternoon reveals something quieter: calm waters surrounded by pine forests and, also, a wide bouquet of hammocks to rest your eyes for a while in comfort.

The next bathroom can be lived in a special way in the nudist cove of Platges de Comte : without clothes, love will never have secrets.

In addition to the pleasure of swimming without clothes, this little paradise also has a wonderful sunset that can be accompanied by the tasty cocktails that Tess and his team make in the ecological beach bar Cala Escondida . A corner with such good vibes as romanticism: this should have always been Ibiza.

Platges de Comte

The nudist cove of Platges de Comte © Nacho Sánchez


Another option is the Sol D'en Serra Calita : it has too many rocks to take a bath but, in return, it offers a beautiful panorama from the so-called Mirador de Los Amantes . Beside him, Amante Ibiza is a special beach bar for a romantic dinner and even to watch a movie every Tuesday on a giant screen.

Before opening your mouth and if you still want to sunsets, the sand of Cala D'Hort is the ideal place to see how the light on the limestone of Es Vedrá changes.

Its imposing presence also accompanies a couple of kilometers above, where the cliffs become luxury bleachers to see the sun hide underwater, always with the imposing presence of the islet that seems to be watching. When the star king says goodbye, an applause from the audience will return your consciousness and hope : there are still those who shudder for a sunset.

Sí o sí, hay que ir a Cala d'Hort

Yes or yes, you have to go to Cala d'Hort © Nacho Sánchez


As night falls, the beautiful little roads PM-812 and SN-2 offer the perfect trip to see how the sky is getting dark. Accompanied by fig trees, vineyards, centuries-old olive trees and localities where they want to stay and live forever like Santa Agnes or San Mateu . The tracks finally reach the municipality of Sant Miquel de Balansat, a small town crowned by one of the most beautiful churches on the island.

Almost incognito, in this municipality appears La Luna nell'Orto . The Argentine Adrián Díez manages - for almost a decade - this restaurant located in an old country house. Its terrace is perfect for couples and offers just privacy for a romantic dinner. A good example is the tables located under a huge fig tree where the aroma of jasmine is mixed with the salty notes of the Ibizan air.

Of Italian influence due to its former owner, the place offers a local cuisine with technique, quality product and lots of love. In the kitchen they make homemade pasta and also an exquisite bread. "We do practically everything here, " says Adrián. " And we have a relaxed atmosphere . It is a place with a philosophy far removed from the party in other parts of the island, " adds the Argentine.

And relax is best tasted with good stripe and seaweed croquettes, artichoke hearts with foie and truffle or vegetarian quinoa sushi to start. Some pumpkin ravioli or a sea and mountain based on pork gill and octopus cooked at low temperature can complete the menu, which can be paired with one of the many wines that make up the menu . The icing can be put in a heart-shaped cheesecake and a herbal liqueur to relax.

La Luna nell'Orto

The Moon nell'Orto © Nacho Sánchez


To end the day, a great idea to the south of the island is to walk through Dalt Vila, climb the streets full of restaurants and shops that open to many and walk through the beautiful historic center of the capital. Meanwhile, to the north, the small cove where the road to Portinatx dies offers a corner of sand in the shape of a beach bar to take the penultimate . Or, if you feel like it, you can look for a more intimate place among the picturesque blue-door piers and count thousands of stars.

The Des Moscarter Lighthouse intermittently illuminates a night that you can end up sleeping in Los Enamorados, a charming hotel set up by the Parisian Pierre Traversier and the Dutch Rozemarijn de Witte . It has nine rooms, restaurant, beach bar and even a nice shop. It is time to rest with views of the emerald Mediterranean and wait for the dawn to bring a new day … and a new breakfast.

Hotel Los Enamorados, Ibiza

The best place to end the romantic adventure © Hotel Los Enamorados, Ibiza

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