Problems with your flight? Three apps help you claim


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Although the law protects us, dealing with the customer service offices of the area companies is a very arduous task, if not impossible. So it is very likely that each and every time you have put to work to claim compensation for a canceled or delayed flight, you have ended up giving up.

Thus, some websites and apps, such as Flightright, AirHelp or Claim and fly, have set the goal of making our lives easier, helping us to get our compensation.

By claiming through these platforms, we not only save ourselves from stress and endless paperwork, but we are also trusting someone who knows the facts, procedures and the law very well.

¿Problemas con tu vuelo? Tres apps te ayudan a reclamar

With these apps you can start claiming from the airport itself © Getty Images

The legal experts who carry our cases have international experience in the field of air law . Also, their extensive database updated daily allows them to argue and fight with irrefutable evidence for our compensation. If necessary, it is possible to take the case to court to obtain it. Of course, always without economic risk for us. If we do not charge, the platforms that are carrying our case also do not charge.

In case of winning, we will have to yield 27% to Flightright + VAT of the total amount of compensation, to AirHelp 25% and to Claim and fly 20%.

However, before you start claiming, you should know that some conditions have to be met in order to do so: at least one of the two airports of the affected flight (departure or destination) must be in the territory of the European Union; a valid reservation must have been made and presented on time at the check-in desk; and the company that operates the flight has to be directly responsible for the irregularity, that is, in case of extreme weather, terrorist attack, external strike to the company or other “extraordinary circumstances”, the company is exempt from responsibility and, therefore, there would be no possibility of compensation.

The three websites work in a very similar way. Enter the number and date of your canceled flight, with delay or overbooking; they inform you immediately about your compensation possibilities; they take care of all the efforts; and, if you win, you pay the corresponding commission.

¿Problemas con tu vuelo? Tres apps te ayudan a reclamar

Problems with your flight? © Getty Images

So far, the success rates of these platforms are very high: Flightright claims to have one of 99% and AirHelp with one of 98%.

According to data provided by Flightright CEO Sebastian Legler, more than three million users have used their compensation calculator, and more than 150 million have been obtained in compensation.

"The advantages of Flightright with respect to a solo claim are obvious, " Legler clarifies to “We know the European Regulation very well and do not accept 'noes' for an answer, thus saving our customers time, money and headaches. We take care of everything and keep the customer informed at all times. ”

Meanwhile, Henrik Zillmer, CEO of AirHelp, tells us that since the creation of the platform, in 2013, they have helped more than 5 million travelers, having recovered about 300 million euros in compensation.

“The idea of ​​creating AirHelp came to us thinking about the need to have a tool at hand to start a claim at the same airport, when the inconveniences happen, without waiting for endless queues at the airport or eternal phone calls, ” says Zillmer .

¿Problemas con tu vuelo? Tres apps te ayudan a reclamar

When claiming is simplified © Getty Images

“From our company we have verified that some of the airlines respond faster to a platform like ours rather than to a client with a single claim. This is because the airlines know that if a claim is entitled to compensation, we have the data and the specialized legal team to defend that claim, ”he adds.

“Despite our advances and our work, we believe that much remains to be done, since only a small percentage of travelers know their rights. Technology can make the compensation process much easier and even many users do not know it, ”concludes Zillmer.


In recent years, the European Parliament has extended a bill on the right of air passengers to receive compensation for delays or cancellations on flights (also those for low cost).

Flights of less than 1, 500 km with a delay of 2 hours or more are entitled to € 250.

Flights between 1, 500 and 3, 500 km with a delay of at least 3 hours can receive up to € 400.

Flights of 3, 500 km or more and with a waiting time of 4 hours can claim up to € 600.

In delays of more than 5 hours passengers have the option to withdraw from the flight and fly to their original destination.

It is possible to claim flights from the last five years. In addition, depending on the distance of the flight and the waiting hours, the airline is obliged to provide assistance to passengers (refreshments, phone calls …).

¿Problemas con tu vuelo? Tres apps te ayudan a reclamar

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