A cover like those of yesteryear


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Go back to the place you frequented. Take a look back at those years when glamor was a matter of everyday life and sophistication emanated in spurts. With much dedication yes, but without effort and with excellent results.

In the office they wore suits and bow ties, at home elaborations of complicated techniques were served - carving a pineapple is what it has - and on the beach there was no loophole for the mistake with swimsuits that covered and held everything, hats that protected and combined and, as the protocol of the time commanded, fun suitable for all audiences.

American photographer Gray Malin is a master in portraying some of the most iconic sand and sun, skiing and surfing destinations on the planet from the air .

La portada de Traveler para el mes de julio

The cover of Traveler for the month of July © Gray Malin

From Antarctica to Namibia, through Bhutan. But in his most recent work, the same one that illustrates our cover, it was a swimming pool that calmed him deeply. Specifically, the Coral Casino Beach & Cabana Club in Santa Barbara (California), an oasis reminiscent of past times.

It was one of the first social clubs in the United States. It is located on the seashore and has a spectacular Olympic pool. I wanted to pay tribute to the splendor of that timeless elegance evoking the lifestyle of a 60's resort and imagining a collection of art that celebrated design and history and, at the same time, transported to the eye of those who admire the appeal of yesteryear ”Explains Gray.

Always at the edge of one of the most revered pools on the California coast and, of course, with an eye on the next dip .

Gray Malin es también autor de los best sellers Beaches y Escape, así como del libro para niños Be Our Guest!

Gray Malin is also the author of the best sellers Beaches and Escape, as well as the children's book Be Our Guest! © Gray Malin

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