Why is the wine still offered first to the gentleman?


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"I don't understand why people get scared of new ideas, I'm afraid of old ones, " John Cage.

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The scene is repeated so many times that we have ended up accepting that things are like that, but they are not. Nothing has to be what it always is.

The scene? Couple in restaurant, sommelier approaches (diligent) and delivers the wine list to the gentleman, who filled with satisfaction ("here I command") takes responsibility sharing and prepares to choose the broth (never use the word ' broth ', by the way), and it is that in addition to incorrect it is palurda as she alone (after a while the scene is repeated), "has the knight already chosen?".

I don't know about you, but it has happened to me in big and small restaurants, in gastronomic and in food houses, in the middle of the A3 and in the Salamanca District. But are we still like this? Does the "always been like this" weigh so much on common sense? Maybe it's time to pull the thread.

Protocollum, protos and kollom, which refers to the first stuck sheet of a book, that is, that first sheet in which a series of instructions were dictated; rules of use An important point for the standardization of the protocol as a way of regulating “rites, habits, customs, social uses and rules of conduct” (extracted from the Code of Ethics of the International Protocol School) is the creation of the court in the Middle Ages, that is: Kings, appointments of knights, weapons, heraldry and honor. And of those powders …

But as far as we go, the origin of the protocol in Spain comes from the time of Felipe II, “el Prudente” (read in Raúl Villanueva's Protocol Management ) and Emperor Carlos I, but if something supposedly characterizes this set of rules that society magazines and diplodocus like Jaime Peñafiel like, is the constant adaptation to the world around him. Because if not, what?

No, el vino no siempre es para él y la cerveza para ella…

No, wine is not always for him and beer for her … © Photo by Mattias Diesel on Unsplash

In the same essay, usually by the way in hospitality schools, in point 6.5, Rules of service, the following indications are observed: "Ladies must be served first and then gentlemen. When the ladies are finished, must proceed to serve the gentlemen. " I do not understand anything.

We speak with Manuela Romeralo, one of the most renowned sommeliers and room managers in the sector ( National and International Prize for Gastronomy and World Champion of HabanoSommelier ), and a woman with no hairs on the tongue .

"'Who will choose the wine?' 'Who will taste the wine?' Two phrases as simple as unusual even among some hospitality professionals who serve their customers in the rooms. It is assumed, sometimes, that it will be the male part of the table that will play both roles, and the conversation about wine is located in men, why does such a situation occur? ".

"It is understood and accepted that women drink wine, but … don't they know how to choose? Don't they know how to taste a wine? Don't they know how to detect possible defects? Don't they know if they like it or not? It's possible that they still weigh the allocation or the assumption of roles from a more traditional point of view, but as soon as we reflect we will realize that it is time to put aside these kinds of considerations, ”says Romeralo.

And the future, Manuela? “ I have always believed in the capacity of people, in their tastes or preferences, not in those of men or women and, from my point of view, one way of demonstrating it is to use the two questions that I quote at the beginning . The idea is to try to involve all diners equally, without neglecting anyone for mere preconceived ideas, ”he concludes.

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Another essential voice to understand what the room means and what its present and future is: Abel Valverde, room manager and director for fifteen years of the Santceloni restaurant, author of the book Host and considered one of the best maîtres in Spain: “En In my opinion the protocols must be updated as time passes by and it is society itself, the people that evolve, because the same protocol model of 30 years ago cannot be valid as it is today. "

"For example, the fact that we deliver the wine list directly to men. Is it taken for granted that it must be the man who chooses the wine? Why? Another example is the time to pass the bill . The request is usually delivered directly to the man. We should not be surprised that there are women who are the hosts and who will be in charge of organizing, choosing the wine and even paying, and for me the main thing is who acts as host, whether male or female . rights must be made by the reservation at the establishment. It is who we should prioritize ”.

If in the end everything should be as simple as having common sense. Stop for a moment to think. Learn to put yourself in the place of the other - but since that time does not come, it seems that the only way is to open the windows and let this storm with the name of a woman (hopefully) banish this smell of patchouli already passed. Future is female.

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The most influential women on the planet of gastronomy