Hostal de la Plaça, 75 years of the traditional cuisine of La Doloretes


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Cabrils is a great unknown, this small mountain town located in the municipality of Maresme has great secrets very well kept. One of them is the Hostal de la Plaça, a restaurant and hostel located in an old Catalan farmhouse of the 17th century, remodeled during the 50s by the architect Duran i Reynals . Behind its walls lies the beautiful story of the Mas Galvany family.

Con las mejores vistas del Maresme.

With the best views of the Maresme. © Hostal de la Plaça

Hostal de la Plaça opened its doors in 1943, when the postwar period pushed Doloretes Galbany and Josep Mas to look for alternatives to survive. She was a hairdresser and he was returning from the front, but thanks to Doloretes' good hand for cooking, I started the business. And so they began to cook some dishes for vacationers and outsiders who came up there.

Since then the hostel has become a reference for anyone who wants to eat traditional cuisine, and share large gatherings with friends and family around a good table.

With incredible views, the Hostel relives its 75 years of history thanks to the youth of the third generation. Artur Masique, the great-grandson of the Doloretes, has managed to keep that family essence with love but, also providing it with touches of modernity with a fresh and appetizing letter.

Cocina de la abuela con toques modernos.

Grandma's kitchen with modern touches. © Hostal de la Plaça

Here you can try great classics that continue to work, some since the 40s and 50s, such as “the cannelloni of vegetables, the pilota, the rice, the brains of lamb, the cod or the peas of the Maresme ”, points out Artur.

Also the Catalan salad with sausages from Montseny, eggs with sobrasada, cannelloni made from gratin chicken, and mythical desserts such as pajamas or Catalan cream . Some of them are present in the 75th anniversary menu.

As a novelty, point the octopus cooked twelve hours at low temperature with potato parmentier and sauteed spring bolets (it is what it has when it rains so much), asparagus, egg cooked at 63º and truffle parmentier. Everything is done by themselves and with products of proximity, as it was done in the past.

La cuineta.

The cuineta © Hostal de la Plaça

The kitchen of the Hostel is undoubtedly sensational, but so is the space. In every corner of the farmhouse there is a unique memory, the first keys of the house, plates, paneras … what you can imagine! Each room in the farmhouse has been converted into a dining room, so everyone retains that aura of home in which they want to be.

For example, the cuineta a room where you can now eat but that was once the kitchen of Doloretes. While the terrace overlooking the sea is the busiest of all, for its spaciousness and natural light, perfect for eating any day of the week (because they also make lunchtime menus), and enjoy a summer night in your chill out.

To the restaurant is added the Botigueta, where they sell take-away kitchen and its best products, and the Hostel with 14 attic rooms, overlooking the sea if you want to round out the gastronomic experience, because as at grandma's house, after eating the What he asks is a nap.

Desde 1943.

Since 1943. © Hostal de la Plaça