The most fashionable recreation room in Paris is on a rooftop, it comes with live music and the signature Chanel


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Chanel's pop up obsession grows at the same pace as his entourage of fans, always alert to find out where his next location will be.

After Coco Crush, in the Bon Marché stores in Paris and the Isetan store in Tokyo, Chanel lands in one of the most emblematic buildings of the French capital: the flagship of the Lafayette Galleries.

As of today, and for a limited time, a new tenant will occupy the roof of one of the most luxurious department stores in Europe: Coco Game Club, a recreation room where the joysticks are lipsticks and the soft drinks are replaced with champagne.

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The space is inspired by arcade rooms with the difference that Tetris and Comecocos are not played here. In this exclusive club the protagonist of the videogame makeup ! And not just anyone, but the mythical Rouge Coco.

Attendees can participate in make-up workshops and virtual games as well as be advised - and of course, make-up - by professionals of the firm.

The stressful little musician of the little machines will not be a problem, since they have been replaced by the performances of French artists such as L'Imperatrice and Her as well as emerging talents such as Findlay, Kazy Lambist and Mai Lan.

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In the DJ section, Coco Game Club will feature Bon Entendeur, French 79 and Anja Sugar.

But there is more: from 8:30 p.m. The game room becomes a private club only accessible by invitation, which you can get through their Facebook page.

The bad new? It is an ephemeral space that can only be visited until June 23.

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