The Lavender Festival starts in July and you have many activities to discover it


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Summer begins in Brihuega, Guadalajara, when its lavender fields are in bloom and the violet color permeates everything. A visual and aromatic show that gains even more force at sunset when the sun sets and illuminates it gently.

The month of July marks the beginning of the lavender harvest on the calendar, this characteristic Mediterranean flower. In the Alcarria region, the Spanish Provence just 45 minutes from Madrid, 10, 000 hectares of lavender are spread, 10% of world production. From Brihuega through the municipalities of Villaviciosa, Yela, Hontanares, Malacuera and Muduex, you will find a total of 36 flowered fields.

Es tiempo de lavanda.

It is lavender time. © Brihuega Lavender Festival.

In the small town of Castilla La Mancha, they have much to discover why this is the land of lavender and not another. The one that was a Celtiberian settlement has many activities during the month of June and July, in addition to a historical complex worthy of a getaway.

During these months they highlight their guided tours of the lavender fields, balloon rides, concerts such as the Los Beatles tribute in the Prado de Santa María, pastry competitions based on lavender, masterclass, etc.

Los campos de lavanda te esperan.

Lavender fields await you. © Brihuega Lavender Festival.

The particular tribute to this flower is also paid at the Brihuega Lavender Festival, which began as something among friends, and which has become an essential event in July in Brihuega.

This year starts with the performance of singer Pitingo on July 13. After the concert, the Andalusian chef Dani García will take over, with a gastronomic menu at the height of the surroundings. Day 14 is the turn of Café Quijano, who will sing boleros among lavenders.

The Festival, which this year celebrates its seventh edition, will close the poster with a novelty: the races between the lavender fields of 7 and 10 km to which you can register until July 12. For the Festival, in addition to the corresponding ticket, which you can buy here, dress code is required, so do not forget to wear white, here is the only color that combines with lavender.

La Provenza está en la Alcarria.

Provence is in the Alcarria. © Brihuega Lavender Festival.