The Peruvian, are we facing the best cuisine in the world?


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On December 5, 2012, we said in " In Peru children do not want to be footballers, they want to be cooks like Gastón Acurio, their idol, their teacher, their role model ." In that same report, we argued the reason for the greatness of Peruvian flavors and the good work of the kitchen in any "Peruvian windlass".

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The best ceviches in Spain

A good product and, above all, rich and varied (how many types of chili or corn can we find?) And a mix of key influences for the development of this kitchen, which has its creative springboards in the Japanese, in the Spanish And in China.

What things happen in life, that just when we live an idyll with Peruvian cuisine in Spain, in a moment of splendor, opening quality restaurants of Chifa, Nikkei and Creole cuisine (as we have seen in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​for example ) and when ceviche is served (with more or less grace, everything must be said) in restaurants of all kinds, the 50 Best arrive to endorse it: Peruvian cuisine is one of the best in the world. Or the best?

In the 50 Best, the Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio received the award for his career and two restaurants entered the top 10. This is Maido and Central, both in Lima. But we go further, what does the gastronomy of a country have to have to be considered the basis for others - that is, superior to others in some aspect? Why Peru?

We ask the experts, the great chefs who make Peruvian cuisine a delicacy in any of these restaurants in Madrid. Jaime Monzón (La Cebichería de Trafalgar), Gonzalo Amorós (El Inti de Oro), Omar Malpartida (Luma, / M, Tiradito), Miguel Valdiviezo (La Cevicuchería), Álex Vargas (Quispe), pass the interrogation

Come in and eat.


See 26 photos

The best ceviches in Spain