This is Vejer, taste it!


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Vejer de la Frontera has as many restaurants as hidden patios, you just need to know which are the most beautiful and beautiful to visit, in this case eat. If you have been lucky enough to meet this jewel inside Cádiz, you will know that it is difficult to choose and stay alone with one.

From the Plaza de España to Trafalgar Street, full of options to which more appetizing, in Vejer you will taste the best of Andalusian cuisine .

Proud, they will tell you about their vegetables, fruits and vegetables, their fresh fish (alas, that tuna!) And their organic retinto meat . They will also make their handmade pastry, famous and well-known are their summer cakes . This is Vejer, taste it!


Located in the old town of Vejer, Corredera 55 is one of the reference restaurants of the town. Its Mediterranean cuisine has not neglected local traditions, in addition its product is organic and the menu is seasonal. You will be accompanied by incredible views of the Sierra.

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This is the only restaurant that is not located in the center of town, but just outside. Its philosophy is based on a small menu with seasonal produce and healthy cuisine, if there is white asparagus in Cádiz you will surely find it here (although not for a long time). In its pleasant terrace you will discover why you like gaditanas nights so much.

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This small restaurant in Vejer offers traditional cuisine with local products but with a peculiarity: the fusion with Asian and South American cuisine . Ask for their tapas of the day and do not miss their star ingredient: fish. It has options for vegetarians.

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It is one of the Vejer de la Frontera classics and one of the most requested during the summer season, so if you want to try their Moroccan cuisine, book early. The restaurant, which is located in a 16th-century barn, has many charming rooms and corners, that's why the best are your romantic candlelight dinners .

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When we told you that Vejer is a surprise, we talked about places like this. Las Delicias is an old theater converted into a modern and original restaurant in downtown, where you will enjoy live music and typical cuisine of the area. There is no lack of tuna or retino here. You will not get tired of trying them in their different varieties.

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This garden restaurant is one of the most beautiful in Vejer, especially its entrance with wicker basket and flowers, and the terrace that boasts the best sunsets in town. It is perfect to have a drink and snack.

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