Tokyo opens the first full-scale digital art museum


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Are we already living that future we talked about so much? Hypotheses about how new technologies will dominate all facets of our lives are being fulfilled. The real and digital world have already shaken hands, and today they wanted to make their union official in the most romantic way: through art.

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Curiosity, amazement and fascination is what we can read on the faces of all those who first step on the halls of Borderless Art, the first real-scale digital museum in Tokyo, which attracts people like a magnet to the Palette Town complex, on the island of Odaiba.

Este museo te transportará a otra dimensión

This museum will transport you to another dimension © teamLab

'MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM teamLab Borderless'. Thus, the impressive permanent exhibition has been baptized on a real scale that, in addition to being a pioneer, has a total of 520 computers and 470 projectors distributed in nothing more and nothing less than 10, 000 square meters of pure fantasy.

Psicodélico hasta decir basta

Psychedelic to say enough © teamLab

Behind this impressive project are the artistic teamLab collective, and the urban promoter MORI Building (faithful defender of culture and art), who have used digital technologies to blow us away and to mark a turning point in art history.

Esta experiencia estimulará todos tus sentidos

This experience will stimulate all your senses © teamLab

These two companies have joined forces with the aim of eliminating borders, thus fostering the interaction between art and the public, as well as providing great freedom to artists, who can take advantage of the new digital era to unleash their creativity.


En-pec-tá-cu-lo © teamLab

The three-dimensional spaces that make up this temple of art trap. An endless number of lights, sounds and optical effects hypnotize the visitor, causing him the impulse to go through each of the five floors in an improvised way .

¿Nos damos un paseo por este bosque futurista?

Do we take a walk through this futuristic forest? © teamLab

You can find experiences as original as a waterfall that runs along the wall of one of the rooms, a forest of lamps, the waves of the sea, a rice field, a trip through space or even have a tea while a lot of flowers fall on your cup In addition to interacting with the viewer, some of the animations also accompany you during the tour.

And not only will it conquer adults, but the little ones at home can also marvel at different creations such as, for example, an aquarium in which the fish have been drawn by themselves.

Sumérgete en un océano mágico

Dive into a magical ocean © teamLab

If you have planned a trip to Tokyo soon, do not hesitate to write “visit Borderless Ar t” in your travel agenda. It will be worth it.

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