Swimming pools to dream: these are ten of the best in the world


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How is your ideal pool ? In the heights, among vegetation, in a castle, facing the sea, in the middle of the desert … there is nothing more figurative of summer than to dream of a deserted pool under the sun.

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The best pools in the world for this summer

After a year of work and with vacations in mind, it is best to put yourself in a situation and imagine yourself or accompanied by floating or levitating in one of these turquoise blue wonders.

These are the best pools according to Le Collectionist, the European luxury property rental company. From Morocco to Ibiza through Brazil, here you will find villas with swimming pools to stay hypnotized. Which of all you stay with?

Piscinas para soñar con el verano.

Swimming pools to dream about summer. © Villa Liette / Le Collectionist

Villa Amelia, Ourica Valley (Morocco)

Villa Allegra, Lazio (Rome)

Villa Marc - Antoine, Perugia (Italy)

Villa Baïos, Mykonos

Villa Contas, Itacaré (Brazil)

Villa Dar el Sadaka, Marrakech

Villa Caetana, Comporta (Portugal)

Villa Murgese, Salento (Puglia)

Villa Liette, Ibiza

Villa Othello, Essaouira (Morocco)

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The best pools in the world for this summer