In this roadside motel you will relive the American far west


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Do you remember the movies of Indians and cowboys? Those very long that only your grandfather and your father seemed to understand, that they had a vintage filter (now it would be divine on Instagram) and that they seemed to you the most boring thing on planet earth. In them always appeared those wooden motels that arose in the nothingness of the desert and that only the good riders knew.

It is not necessary that you arrive by car to Pioneertown Motel in the far west, here cars, lighting and even Wi-Fi have arrived. This place, located in the region of California, between Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert and Los Angeles, is the closest thing you'll find to those gunslinger films .

The Pioneertown motel opened in 1946 to host the stars of Western Hoollywood cinema in its golden years. Those starring Roy Rogers and Dick Curtis, who also passed through here.

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Originally, the motel served as a place for actors to rest during the recordings, it finally became a hospitality destination. "Matt and I acquired the Pioneertown Motel in 2012 and, since then, we have reimagined the experience of the old west hospitality with a modern and rustic touch, " Mike, the owner, tells

More than 200 Westerns were filmed here, perhaps the best known was the series ' Gene Autry Show', one of the most popular in the Americas of the 50s.

This motel, now completely renovated with a timeless modern and rustic style, is about 1, 200 meters above sea level, and although it may not seem like it, it is a much cooler environment than the Palm Springs desert valley, the owners say.

A total of 19 rooms to live the desert and, above all, tranquility, because they have no television or telephone. But don't worry, because they are equipped with plugs to charge your mobile phone and computer.

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“Visitors can expect vast landscapes, endless views and countless places to explore. Joshua Tree National Park is only 15 minutes away, but for those looking for a simpler getaway, Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Saloon is a stone's throw away, ”says Mike.

If Pioneettown is the motel, Pappy and Harriet’s is the tavern and lounge where you can have a drink . They have changed a lot since then, but this place continues to breathe the same atmosphere as a Western movie set . Well, movies were also shot from the 40s to the 50s, set in a border town of 1870. Over time the owners turned it into 'La Cantina', now it is an independent rock concert hall and barbecue for everyone.

"The best Pioneertown Motel is that it attracts people from all walks of life: cycling enthusiasts, backpackers, families and artists enjoy the Pioneertown Motel equally, " Mike adds to

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