The 50 Best Restaurants: Spanish chefs think


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This year it was Bilbao . The famous list has decided that this would be a good city to gather a large part of the world gastronomic firmament.

For days, its bars, restaurants and bars have received exceptional visits. Bilbao has been a party and we have lived it, we have told it and we have been able to speak with the national chefs. Do our chefs really get wet when they say which ones should be on the podium? Some more than others, but if we have learned something, they live a little outside of what is promulgated on the famous list.

The 50 Best Restaurants: los chefs españoles opinan

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We started the day in Mina (Muelle Marzana s / n), having breakfast as gentlemen at about 10.30 am an oyster and a bloody mary version with Gin Mare. Álvaro Garrido has hosted these days chefs, national and international journalists, a dinner paired with sake and other events.

Any bets for tonight? "Mina is going to be the third or second, " he jokes. “What's up, I have no idea, the truth is that I am very outsider of these things. In my ideal list there would be real leading restaurants, there are many that are not even there. It is a world list but very social, I think there will be surprises. As I am not in it, I dedicate myself to my work. The important thing is that there is product, creativity, honesty… ”

Later we ate at Eneko (Euskalduna Palace. Abandoibarra etorbidea, 4). There were also a good handful of chefs like Dani García, Paco Roncero, Juanjo López, Francis Paniego and Ricard Camarena, among others.

The last comment: "This year I have been given the eleventh position", in the face of stupefaction of the one who writes these lines. "It is not a joke. I am here taking advantage that I came to give a talk at the Basque Culinary and that I am going to cook with Nacho Manzano ”. Betting for the big night? "That we stay as we are", sentence.

At about 6:00 pm, a party began that ended with few surprises, a lot of chips and the Osteria Francescana de Massimo Bottura returning to the top of the ladder as the best restaurant on the planet

The 50 Best Restaurants: los chefs españoles opinan

Family photo © The World's 50 Best Restaurants

The main problem? “There are many people in Spain who should be visited and who do not have the visibility they should. The Spanish crack is Albert Adrià, who not only has a restaurant, but several among the 100 ”, Patricia Mateo tells us, head of the agency and gastronomic consulting Mateo and Co.

After the gala, the photo of rigor of the super chefs waving their red scarves arrived, the music went up and, when the thing began to melt, we met Juanjo, from the Tasquita de Enfrente.

What does it tell us? “If at the age I am I can't say what I think, turn off and let's go. Personally, I have never liked the lists. Each person has their own list and it has the validity that he himself gives. I miss a lot of people, Ricard Camarena, Ángel León … many are missing. ” "For missing, this year I stayed in 101, to see if next year I entered …". Another of the jokes that floated yesterday in the environment.

Luis Cepeda, a gastronomic critic who had also attended the gala, commented that it had become a show and that he had been surprised that El Celler de Can Roca did not take the lead .

To the question of what the gala had seemed to Francis Paniego, the chef from La Rioja replied: “I do not understand how a restaurant like Nerua is not at the top of this list, with the things it does and the talent that Josean Alija has… I expected more and that the Roca brothers would rise again to first place. ”

Had the illusions of our chefs been pricked? What we do know is that it all ended with an after party at the San Mamés stadium with many of the chefs wearing Athletic Bilbao shirts with their name embroidered. Drinks, ham and cheese and all dancing to the rhythm of the Bee Gees and other eighties songs completed the party.

There was also Andoni Luis Aduriz . "Again in the top 10, " they said, to which he replied "Well, the list will not be so bad!"

Posture, marketing or proven opinions? Only time will tell. Until next year, ready

The 50 Best Restaurants: los chefs españoles opinan

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