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Let you raise your hand who is the one who knows most about Portuguese cuisine! Let's face it, we know that cod is its star product, that they prepare some cream cakes that you die and little else.

Despite having it so close, Portuguese cuisine is still a great unknown in Spain. Following the presentation of the Network of Portuguese Restaurants in Madrid, last March, we have delved into the flavors and smells characteristic of the Portuguese country.

Here is our ranking of the best Portuguese restaurants in the capital of Madrid. Bom proveito!

Tras Os Montes

Spiritual cod, the star product of Tras Os Montes © Tras Os Montes

AFTER OS MONTES (Senda del Infante Street, 28)

Its golden cod (scrambled with farm eggs, cod and straw potato) carries the endorsement of King Emeritus himself. So much so, that José Luis João Alves, owner of the premises, has confessed to us that Don Juan Carlos has dined there well seven times and on one occasion he sent his personal chef to learn how to cook the dorado in the style of the restaurant Tras os montes .

In addition to this recipe we can taste another 24 in which the Portuguese national product is the protagonist. The most classic? Baked cod (with fried onions, oil and paprika), cream (based on baked potatoes, crumbled cod, au gratin) or grilled .

Among the most innovative, the cod salad ( cod carpaccio on tomato basis, all seasoned with Portuguese house oil), cod puff pastry (creamy cod filling, accompanied by pepper sauce) or cod delights (tempura cod sticks with applesauce).

For groups of 4 people or more and possible to ask for the menu '7 ways to taste cod'.

Tras Os Montes

After Os Montes, with the endorsement of King Emérito himself © After Os Montes

ATLANTIK CORNER (Ventura de la Vega Street, 11-13)

In Atlantik Corner the absolute protagonist is the fusion or the mixture, as Nuno de Noronha, its owner , likes to call her.

The common denominator of all recipes is the Atlantic Ocean and therefore, we find dishes, stews or spices from Portugal, Galicia and all those regions of the globe bathed or influenced in one way or another by that ocean such as Morocco, Brazil or even India, where the Portuguese navigators brought the Vinha d'Alhos sauce (wine and garlic) that gave rise to Vindaloo, or China and Japan where they introduced tempura and panko.

Among its essentials, we highlight the grilled octopus with Vindaloo, the cod à Brás (according to the original recipe of Nuno's grandmother) and the green seafood moqueca, a recipe of Brazilian origin, whose spicy sauce in the Atlantik version Corner also has spinach.

This restaurant has a Bib Gourmand stamp , a distinction of the Michelin Guide that recognizes the honesty of those proposals that respect the product and with an average price not exceeding 35 euros.

Atlantik Corner

'Three textures', one of the classics of Atlantik Corner © Atlantik Corner

LA PORTUGUESA TABERNA (Juan Álvarez Mendizábal Street, 39)

In La Portuguesa they receive us at the pace of fado and in a very traditional atmosphere, like their menu, in which the typical Portuguese recipes predominate, such as rice dishes or cod dishes.

Among the latter, dorado or cod with cream are the two stars of the house, although the homemade cod bolinhos (a kind of croquettes) deserve a special mention; while, if you prefer to savor a good rice, we recommend ordering the malandrinho powder rice (with octopus).

To pair, you can opt for a green wine, a variety of wine from Portugal made in the region of Entre Douro e Minho or something more classic, such as a red wine from the Douro.

Domingo dos Santos, owner of the place, will be happy to suggest the best combination. And if you want to add a sweet touch to your banquet, do not hesitate, ask for a cream cake.

La Portuguesa

Malandrinho powder rice with octopus, from La Portuguesa © Facebook La Portuguesa Taberna


We moved to the Barrio de Las Letras to see another traditional Portuguese tavern, where in addition to fado, some hits from the Portuguese pop of yesterday and today sound.

To open your mouth, you can opt for Alentejano and Serra de Estrela cheese, quite similar to the casar cake, but with a softer flavor. Among the main dishes, they stand out, of course, those that are dedicated to the Portuguese national product, such as cod with murro potato (with garlic and oil), à Brás, with cream or ze do pipo (gated with mayonnaise).

But if you prefer to try something different as traditional, you can opt for grilled octopus or feijoada to transmontana (bean stew, pork ear, pork bacon, pork pie, sausage or sausage and ham).

At dessert, let yourself be surprised by the camel drool, a mousse made with eggs and condensed milk that has cookies on top and tastes like caramel.

A Tasca Do Bacalhau Português

A little piece of Portugal in the Barrio de las Letras © Facebook A Tasca Do Bacalhau Português

FRANGUS (Ribera de Curtidores Street 28, 2nd Floor)

The name of the place is due to its specialty, grilled chicken in the Portuguese style, made in charcoal charcoal, which can also be ordered to take away.

“So that your cooking is optimal, so that the meat is roasted on the outside and tender on the inside, the chicken has to be small, in addition, it does not cook whole, but it opens up through the chest and is crushed so that it is flat in the grill ”, clarifies Carlos Schulz Nunes, owner of Frangus.

To enhance its special smoky flavor, we can accompany it with different homemade sauces such as lemon sauce, orange sauce, spicy sauce or also well known as piri-piri, which originates in Mozambique.

At least once a month, this restaurant organizes Fado Nights, where it is possible to have dinner while enjoying a live fado performance.

Frangus alt=

Grilled charcoal chicken, from Frangus © Frangus