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Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore de Gucci, the fabulous kimono with that air Hiroki Nakamura by Jessie Liu and the slightly hipsters glasses by Jordi Roca . Virtual reality helmets for Cinco Jotas and liquid nitrogen from Norway.

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The ten best restaurants in the world according to 50 Best Restaurants 2018

No, it is not the MET gala, it is the circus (without a trace of retreat: life is a circus) of 50 Best Restaurants. The "hottest list on the planet"; Ferran's word. The nonsense of who will be the best (the best!) Restaurant in the world has won the run run game and what they call the Stars and the Suns' virality : it's time to live pending the hashtag and there 50 Best Restaurants It has no rival, nor is it expected. Welcome to the party.

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It was nice the detail of William Drew remembering Anthony Bourdain, Gualtiero Marchesi and Paul Bocuse ; They were part of all this. She misses the absence (protected in the transfer, we suppose) of Noma and René Redzepi but still misses the feeling of “But again the same?” That the gala gives rise to us: Osteria Francescana de Massimo Bottura returns to the top the best restaurant on the planet and Celler de Can Roca climbs a step. Slowly. Soft.

Mugaritz de Andoni Luis Aduriz remains at No.9, Etxebarri falls from the sixth to the No.10 (this surprised us so much that we expected him at the top) and the most beautiful of the night: bomb to enjoy that climbs to No.18 from 55 (prize for the best entry in the list), Enjoying is a crazy whore . Enjoy is Macondo, Camelot and the Region : congratulations.

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The great PAST of Barcelona © Enjoy


As for the rest of our chefs: Spain, punished at home; And that's ugly, friends of San Pellegrino. But as far as we go: Arzak goes down (and goes down) to No.31 - yes, it was one of the cheers of the night; Albert Adrià tickets at No.32 (down from 25) and Eneko Atxa de Azurmendi is No.43 (down from 38).

Seven Spanish restaurants in the top fifty and what we already knew about the section from 51 to 100: Nerua, Quique Dacosta, Martín Berasategui, Elkano, Enigma and DiverXO . No one understands anything about 50 Best with David Muñoz but … who understands anything about life? I think it was Eldon Tyrell's last sentence in Blade Runner.

It goes to prizes: Jessie Liu is the best “stagier” on the planet, Cédric Grolet of the Hotel Le Meurice in Paris the best pastry chef, the British chef Clare Smyth the best cook (go prize nonsense, sorry, are they the crumbs of a gala with almost no female presence?), Azurmendi returns to win the most sustainable restaurant, Gastón Acurio the tribute to his entire career under the bombastic title of ' Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award ' and SingleThread of Kyle and Katina Connaughton, restaurant with future .

Anyway, than usual. But it is impossible not to finish without remembering, again, the irreplaceable Anthony Bourdain: “Your body is not a temple, it is a theme park. Enjoy the trip".

Massimo Bottura, de Osteria Francescana, mejor restaurante del mundo según los 50 Best

Massimo Bottura, by Osteria Francescana, the best restaurant in the world according to the 50 Best © Osteria Francescana


First, his manifesto. Second who votes? Voting confidentially (through a web page) almost 1, 000 professionals from around the world, divided between great chefs, restaurant owners and gastronomic journalists.

The Restaurant divides the world into 27 regions and each region has its own panel of 37 experts, in Spain the person in charge is Cristina Jolonch de La Vanguardia. How are those 37 experts chosen? Cristina chooses them and no more talk .

Each “expert” votes for seven restaurants, of which at least three votes must be for locals located outside their region (and must have eaten at some time in the last 18 months). This last point, obviously, is in the hands of the "honorability" of the voter; Do you also hear the laughs?

FROM 25 TO 1

25. Cosme (New York)

24. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet (Shanghai, China)

23. Le Calandre (Rubano, Italy)

22. Narisawa (Tokyo)

21. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée (Paris)

20. Attica (Melbourne)

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19. Geranium (Copenhagen)

18. Enjoy (Barcelona)

17. Den (Tokyo)

16. Piazza Duomo (Alba, Italy)

15. White Rabbit (Moscow)

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14. Steirereck (Vienna)

13. Pujol (Mexico City)

12. Blue Hill at Stone Barns (New York State)

11. Quintonil (Mexico City)

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10. Etxebarri (Axpe, Vizcaya)

9. Mugaritz (Errenteria, Guipúzcoa)

8. L'Arpege (Paris)

7. Maido (Lima)

6. Central (Lima)

5. Gaggan (Bangkok)

4. Eleven Madison Park (New York)

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3. Mirazur (Menton, France)

2. Celler de Can Roca (Girona)

1. Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy)

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The ten best restaurants in the world according to 50 Best Restaurants 2018