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The night of Buenos Aires or Baires, as the Buenos Aires people call it, is an essential part of the city. You cannot say that you have visited the Argentine capital if you have not walked late at night on Corrientes Avenue, if you have not spent the night in one of its terraces, if you have not had an author's cocktail in one of its speakeasy or if you have not You have danced tango in one of his milongas hipsters.

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Corrientes Avenue is also known as the 'Buenos Aires Broadway' for hosting the largest number of theaters in the city. From the blockbusters of the commercial circuit to the avant-garde, typical of the off or alternative theater, all genres have a place here.

One of the most important buildings on the avenue is Paseo La Plaza, in Corrientes 1660, which has five theater halls, venues and different bars and restaurants. Inside there are internal little streets, stairways, slopes, bridges and columns, as well as trees and plants. In his billboard they emphasize as much works of thickness as musical shows and functions of stand up.

Crossing the Avenida 9 de Julio and a few meters from the Obelisk, in the number 960 of Corrientes, is El Nacional, another of the most prestigious Buenos Aires halls, which usually houses large musicals. In 1933 Carlos Gardel sang there for the last time on stage.

Another hallmark of Corrientes Avenue is its bookstores, mostly second-hand, open until the wee hours of the morning on weekends. And yes, there is quite ambient in them.

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Argentines like to read a lot. In fact, Buenos Aires is the city with the highest number of bookstores per inhabitant on average. If you have a lot of patience you can find a bestseller at a good price or sold out editions of Argentine and world literature classics. Lucas (Corrientes, 1247), Hernández (Corrientes, 1436) and Losada (Corrientes, 1551) are the bookstores that should not be missing on this cultural walk in the moonlight.


We moved to Palermo Soho neighborhood to take the first one. If you are looking for a young and informal atmosphere, Temple Bar, between Costa Rica and Gurruchaga streets, is your place. Their specialty is, of course, craft beers . And is that Argentina is living a real boom of this type of drinks. You can choose to savor your pint in the patio, surrounded by greenery and with dj set; at the terrace tables at street level; or in the anteroom.

We change the atmosphere and concept in Victoria Brown (Costa Rica, 4827), a not so clandestine speakeasy … Once entered, you are attended by some girls, who open the door of this author's cocktail bar inspired by the Victorian era, whose decoration celebrates the power of the most important invention of the last century: the machine . Their motto is 'Live, Love & Drink' and the best we can do is pay attention to them.

To forget the heat, stress and asphalt and enjoy a unique panoramic night view, we go to the Microcentro neighborhood on the roof of the Pulitzer Hotel (Maipú 907, esq Paraguay). Throughout the summer (our winter) it hosts a live music cycle and its cocktails are very remarkable. If you want to dare with new flavors, try the 'Room 666', based on whiskey and pear puree with a touch of apple juice.

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The fame of bowling, as the nightclubs of Buenos Aires are called, is very volatile. The one that is fashionable one season is no longer the next, and so on.

If you feel like dancing until the wee hours of the morning, a very good option in Palermo is the terrace of the Niceto Bar . Located at number 5507 of Niceto Vega Avenue, it should not be confused with the Niceto Club, which is in front and usually hosts concerts. DJs usually play electronic music, rock, reggae….


Tango is not a modern dance. You may have arrived in Argentina with the idea that you will be able to boast in any joint of everything you have learned in those long classes…. But the truth is that it is not so easy to find a tango place that is not touristy.

One of them is La Catedral, in Sarmiento 4006, in the Almagro neighborhood, a unique place of its kind: it has milonga every day and also tango classes. Time seems to have stopped here. Men invite women to dance as before (there are changes of couples throughout the night) and still the atmosphere is very modern, in fact, it is not uncommon to see gay dance couples and the looks are very varied.

Don't worry: if you don't have the right outfit or shoes and want to wear a tango outfit, stop by María Jazmín's craft store (Humberto Primo 578), in San Telmo.

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