In New York there are beaches and they are spectacular: Welcome to The Hamptons!


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When the plane descends to the JF Kennedy airport in New York, if time permits and the clouds do not interfere, the lucky passenger sitting next to the window can see the ground sleeves adorning the first miles of the Atlantic Ocean .

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The white sand draws fine lines around a green and clear outline, only broken by the incursion of water stretch marks that, seen from the sky, resemble branches of a tree in autumn. It is paradoxical that the state with the most populous city in the United States greets you with such an image.

Keep in mind that directors of rating agencies, financial analysts, renowned fashion designers, actors and various actresses also need their relaxation time, moving away from boutiques on 5th Avenue and attics on the Upper East Side.

And that relaxation, many of them, decide to give it away there, in those sleeves that the passenger of the Airbus sees. It's the Hamptons, and you'll remember them all your life.

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Shinnecock Bay, Westhampton Beach © Getty Images

Occupying the east end of Long Island, this succession of plots with well-tended gardens such as Versailles and eighteenth-century houses that we only see in decoration magazines has been typical and topically known as the refuge of New York millionaires.

Just two hours from Manhattan by car - 35 minutes by helicopter or light aircraft, for the more comfortable - the Hamptons are made up of a chain of towns with greens and browns that look like they were taken from a Constable painting.

Not surprisingly, the first English settlers who arrived on these coasts in 1640 landed in Southampton. Hence that air of New England everywhere.

Southampton, East Hampton, Montauk or Greenport may be the ones that sound the most to Europeans, but any area of ​​this land is not going over the summer in the United States, with permission from Orange County or Miami.

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Montauk, East Hampton © Getty Images

Bordered by Long Island Sound - known as 'the bay' - in the north, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south, it is true that the Hamptons are going through the dreaded gentrification, and 'lifelong' families share summer months with hipster and young people looking for alcohol and parties at the beach clubs.

However, it is still possible to blend in with the traditional atmosphere and enjoy a few days of tranquility and rumor of waves.

The easiest way to get here is to catch a train at the Pennsylvania Station, in Midtown Manhattan. From here left the Long Island Railroad railways when the Hamptons were nothing more than pristine beaches and fishing villages. Today, the service known as Cannonball travels in 95 minutes to Westhampton.

Gurney’s Residences

The newly released Gurney's Residences are the best option to stay in Montauk © Gurney's Residences

Once there, and if you want to enjoy as you deserve a time of detoxification of the big city, staying a few days and touring them on foot or by bike is the best option. When visiting the Hamptons, you have to do it like the locals, so do not deprive yourself and give yourself at least one night at the newly released Gurney's Residences in Montauk.

You can already imagine it, right? Wake up in front of the Atlantic views, be the first to touch the breeze, without vacationers who have been on the beach from 06:00 am to take a place, and start the day in the only saltwater pool in the United States.

Montauk is at the east end of the Hamptons, being the only place bathed by both sea masses. It is the ideal destination for those who want to exploit that surfing spirit that we all carry - or would like to take - inside.

Easier and less 'stretched' than the rest of Hamptons, Montauk is crowned by its 18th-century lighthouse, commissioned by George Washington, and from which the sunrises seem to lie. 137 steps early in the morning can be intimidating, but much more authentic than the 45 minutes of spinning every Tuesday.

Faro Montauk

From the lighthouse of Montauk the sunrises seem taken from a movie © Getty Images

Then, reduce pulsations by walking through the Paumanok Path through the Hither Woods Nature Reserve. Here you will forget the moccasins and v-neck sweaters of high society. Maybe you even come across a deer! You will also see the ruins of a defensive station built during World War II.

After the walk, you want to cool off in Atlantic waters. If you are from the Mediterranean, watch out for the thermal contrast, we don't want to give you hypothermia and lose the glamor in a matter of minutes! The average annual water temperature in this area does not reach 13 ° C, and at a maximum of 22 ° C in August.

If the Atlantic throws you back, you can try Long Beach, between Noyack and North Haven, always warmer for facing the bay, and with less swell and wind than those facing the ocean.

Among the latter, the best known is Cooper's Beach, in Southampton. A long and narrow line of sand drawn in a straight line reminiscent of Argentine or Uruguayan beaches. Bright, comfortable, and with all the services for the swimmer you can imagine.

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Southampton, one of the most famous villages in this green and brown chain that seems to be taken from a Constable painting © Getty Images

If being surrounded by light and smell of saltpeter has not diminished your cultural desires, be aware that the Hamptons also offer a good portion of art.

In 1945, the famous Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock moved to East Hampton. Now his house is a museum that is part of Stony Brook University.

It doesn't have to rain or you are redder than the Sebastian crab to visit a museum in summer, so cheer up! Many of the original furniture are still preserved, and you can see how Pollock worked in the adjacent barn that served as a studio.

And, of course, we cannot forget the classic American contemporary literature The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The ostentatious and eccentric parties at the Long Island mansions inspired the author. Who would have been in one! - to be able to be with Leonardo Di Caprio, who starred in the film adaptation in 2013 -.

Fitzgerald frequented mainly the northern part of the island, known as The Gold Coast. He and his wife lived in Great Neck, where they moved to avoid the high rents of Manhattan. At that time, this area was a place of residence for the working class. Who was going to say it?

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New York has beaches and what beaches! © Getty Images

So far, everything sounds great. But you notice something is missing, right? What would a getaway to the sun and pure air be without a glass of wine? The lovers of the grape broth always go in search of wineries everywhere.

We have already commented that the Hamptons are full of vacationers who are happy with the pleasures of the good life, so establishing wineries and vineyards throughout the area was essential. We always find it difficult to choose, especially when it comes to pampering the palate, but Wölffer Estate is the ideal place not only to taste local wines - and international - but to be speechless and ojiplático with the interior.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin renewed their marriage vows here, and we are not surprised at all. The pink Summer in a Bottle is its hallmark, but the letter is very extensive. And don't leave without trying a cheese selection!

After this experience, you may return to the city a little uphill. The good news? Next summer, the Hamptons are going to stay there. With its celebrities, its hipster hats, its kilometer beaches and its blue horizon. You know, go booking the plane ticket and, if it can be, let it be at the window.

Wölffer Estate

It is essential to try the Pink Summer in a Bottle, the hallmark of Wölffer Estate © Wölffer Estate

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