The great gastronomic market of José Andrés y los Adrià in New York already has a name and date


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Italy had long had its official gastronomic space thanks to Eataly. France got its not long ago in Le District. But the presence of Spanish cuisine in New York, the great gastronomic capital of the world, did not go beyond tapas restaurants with irregular success. So far … Finally!

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Things to eat in New York (and they are not hamburgers)

After a first and brief announcement a few months ago, yesterday chef José Andrés, the most successful Spanish in the United States, confirmed the creation of a (great) corner of first-class Spanish cuisine in Manhattan. It is no longer just a project, it is underway, it will be called Mercado Little Spain and will open in the spring of 2019.

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Located in the new neighborhood of the island, Hudson Yards, in the west, at the corner of Avenida 10 and Calle 30, below the High Line, Little Spain Market will be a place where Spanish cuisine shines. José Andres and the brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià, who join forces to get the best of our borders and take it to the other side of the puddle, will take care of it. The clichés are over, not only tapas will be eaten.

For José Andrés, who landed in the United States in 1991 is also a project with a lot of personal emotion. “I have dreamed of opening in New York since I first came here to this amazing country through the port of New York, ” he explains in the official presentation statement. "I can't wait to tell many stories of Spain with my friends, Ferran and Albert, collaborating with this project."

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With the name, Mercado Little Spain, they wink at those immigrant neighborhoods in Manhattan where they settled by nationalities. Although Little Italy was and is the most famous, Little Spain also existed: it was on 14th Street around where it still resists (and recently reopened) a famous bar and restaurant, La Nacional.

And as a concept, Little Spain Market will be “a true love letter to Spain”, where they will try to offer products from all corners of the country, in different formats.

The huge space that will also have tables outside, will be divided into three restaurants, with different culinary styles, and several stalls that will give that life more market in. Each specialized in a dish or in a product. There will be tapas, of course, and pintxos, but also snacks, salads and a candy section. And you can eat there or buy typical products to take away and give away. They will try to give presence to traditional cuisine and the most avant-garde chefs of today's Spanish cuisine.

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Things to eat in New York (and they are not hamburgers)