The first 3D crosswalk in Spain is in this Valencian town


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The municipality of Almussafes (Valencia) already boasts of having on its asphalt the first three-dimensional and hot melt pedestrian crossing in Spain. The objective? Improve road safety, thanks to the institutional braking that causes drivers.

The painting of this step, unlike conventional ones, is twelve times more durable, making it a less invasive and cheaper system.

Specifically, the TQ Pedestrian Crossing 3D has been installed on Ausiàs March Street, one of the streets of the urban center with the highest traffic of vehicles and pedestrians, very close to the Municipal Pools, the Health Center and the Cultural Center.

Paso 3d

The Spanish company TECNOL has been in charge of launching the product © Ajuntament d'Almussafes

The Spanish company TECNOL has been responsible for launching this revolutionary product that makes drivers see between 3 and 5 blocks, as if it were an overpass. The previous effect causes that, instinctively, the vehicle speed is reduced.

"With this initiative, we experiment with cutting-edge revolutionary technology to achieve an improvement in road safety for pedestrians and vehicles, in addition to continuing to work in the prevention of traffic accidents, " said Toni González, mayor of Almussafes.

Paso 3d

The Almussafes executive seeks to improve road safety in the town © Ajuntament d'Almussafes

The three-dimensional steps already occupy streets of cities in Iceland, Germany or India, in addition to the Castellón town of Vila-Real. However, Almussafes is the first in Spain that incorporates a hot melt system , more durable and with greater adhesion capacity.

The City Council will analyze the results obtained with the installation of the 3D zebra crossing to assess its expansion in other parts of the town.

This may be the beginning … of a great road and three-dimensional initiative!