Restaurant of the week: High Tide


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Eating at heights gives absolute panic. Not because vertigo threatens or anything like that, but because what we usually eat several floors away from the ground is well supported by exorbitant prices.

Rooftops, terraces and 360-degree views of a cosmopolitan and Mediterranean city are almost never accompanied by good service, excellent raw material or prices very consistent with quality. Luckily there is always someone who strives to change things.

With the Marea Alta restaurant , (finally) the cache is added that gives rise to the 24th floor of a building such as that of the Colon Tower of Barcelona, ​​the first skyscraper in the city built in 1971 - with a good and deserved tribute, of those who are in short supply and who are unmarked from the fifth range, viral dishes or media openings that steal the attention of what really matters: eat and enjoy doing it.

Marea Alta

Enrique Valentí's restaurant is positioned as one of the best in Barcelona © Marea Alta

Opening the ban to a kitchen that many already consider as one of the best proposals in Barcelona, Enrique Valentí's Madrid restaurant has made a lot of noise since its opening two years ago, but it still has the pending subject to make the whole world listen to the echo of his might.

We wanted to keep the secret a few, but no, the good thing is to share it and shout it to the four winds.

Even more so when it comes to a place that knows how to perfectly combine a careful and modern interior design with a kitchen that has no competition in Barcelona. Or if? Think about it: is there currently a place where you can eat, with an average ticket of € 85 and € 100 a marine festival? Now think again: is there any place where you can do with stunning views?

Sublime and absolute perfection: @mareaalta_bcn? A shared post by Paula Móvil (@getinmybellyyyyy) on Jun 16, 2018 at 12:21 p.m. PDT

Here the function can begin, for example, with some appetizers that work as veneration of our memories of canned food and snack time watered from rods and bars: pickled mackerel with applesauce, anchovies from Santoña, some pickled mussels that you wildly they transport, without qualms, to the embers that have smoked them (spectacular!) and some prawns cooked in sea water.

We have completed a year of crossing. 14, 000kg of cooked fish, 6, 600kg of turbot. It is a pleasure to have you on board. #MareaAlta #bcn A shared publication of MareaAlta (@mareaalta_bcn) on Oct 17, 2017 at 8:26 p.m. PDT

Next, comes his own version of the cod curd with honey, served with spinach and pine nuts. Fresh and a slight rest between appetizers and the strongest dishes.

The stew of beans of Sant Pau with cheek and tuna is delicate but spicy enough not to fall into boredom and a good base to give way to grilled fish: a heart attack kokotxas and a turbot in which neither Thorns are saved from being (re) licked.

Marea Alta

A careful and modern interior design with a kitchen that has no competition in Barcelona © Marea Alta

Analyzing the case of High Tide (after eating it and drinking it), it is worth reasoning if we may have become too accustomed to the novelty and that, perhaps , it is time to bet, once again, for honesty.

It is fun from time to time to drop into extreme games and experimentation revelry, but maybe you will have to think twice about wanting to eat well and then feel good.

When we decide to do it, there it will be, shining and throbbing in our memory the flavors and colors of High Tide. Tempting us, calling us, telling us nice things …

Marea Alta

The 24th floor of the Torre Colón in Barcelona is one of its secrets (voices) © Marea Alta