Five beaches for hikers in Cabo de Gata


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Adventurers and adventurers of the world, seekers of lost coves and landscapes of heart attack, this is for you. The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata has so much magic that it is impossible to never fall in love, even when you see it overflowing with tourists, although we are not going to fool ourselves, here mass tourism has not yet arrived.

Get ready to walk in places where only goats go and to sweat because even if it touches windy day, in Cabo de Gata it is hot, very hot. That's what summer was about, right?

Cala de Enmedio.

Middle Creek. © Getty Images


If you are lucky enough to arrive here before or after August, you may find yourself alone or with few people. It is a virgin beach of great beauty where you will not find any service, it is of fine sand and with 120 meters in length.

From this beach in the heart of the Cape, you can see Agua Amarga, and you can only get there on foot or by boat. You can arrive from Cala del Plomo, on a 1.7-kilometer road, which will take you about 20 minutes, or from Agua Amarga, by boat or kayak, or walking for about 90 minutes. Wear comfortable shoes and wear forecasts.

Cala San Pedro.

San Pedro Creek. © Getty Images


This beautiful cove can only be reached on foot or by boat. For the first option you will have to walk one hour round trip and another one back from Las Negras ; and for the second, you can rent a boat from Las Negras that will take you to the cove for a reasonable price.

The road is first flat, then uphill and over the cliffs, so the views are assured. Once there, you will find a wild cove, with vegetation and naturist, in fact this is where the famous hippy communities that live all year in Cabo de Gata are located . Also the ruins of the Castle of San Pedro, a 16th century tower.

Cala Rajá.

Cala Rajá. © Getty Images


Are you looking for a unique environment? Cala Rajá is that place of crystalline waters and fine sand, perfect for diving and sunbathing. The road is not easy, in fact it is a goat road, but it is worth walking 150 meters and a slope of 20 meters high.

From here you can contemplate the Reef of the Finger or the Finger of God, you can also climb the slope of Cala Rajá and contemplate beautiful views of the Cala de la Punta Negra and the hill of Vela Blanca with its watchtower.

Cala del Lance.

Lance Creek. © Alamy


This unspoiled beach belongs to the Calas del Barronal and extends over 250 meters in length, a paradise for lovers of intimacy and little crowded beaches.

This hidden place in the Almeria map is characterized by its tranquility and its wild places, only here you can see how the fine sand combines perfectly with basaltic formations . You will find it near the Cala del Barronal, very popular in Cabo de Gata, and also near San José .

Reserva Natural de Rodalquilar.

Rodalquilar Nature Reserve. © Alamy


This is one of the most hidden coves of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, because to get here, you will have to walk 2 km. But who said fear?

It is located near the town of Rodalquilar, where you can still appreciate the remains of what used to be the mining area in Almeria. Upon arrival you will receive a picturesque cove, with palm trees, large black stones and rounded by the sea, and a defensive castle built by Carlos III. And to enjoy!

Nadie puede resistirse a la belleza de Cabo de Gata.

No one can resist the beauty of Cabo de Gata. © David Santiago Garcia. Getty Images