Hake Mate, the new gourmet and addictive fish & chips in Madrid


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Partners and friends, Gonzalo Rico and Jorge de Andrés went to London to try that fish & chips of which the English are so proud. "The crowded places, all eating fish & chips, but we tried several in a row in the same day and none of us liked it, everyone left you feeling oily, " they say.

And yet, the concept they liked, the idea of ​​a quality fish & chips stayed with them and seeing that in Madrid they did not find it, they decided to launch.

Hake Mate was born in the heat of that idea: a gourmet fish & chips. "With fresh skewer hake, high quality, spicy and with a very crispy batter, " they explain.

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They serve it in cones with the fries of rigor and two sauces: "the typical tartar of this dish and a chutney of mango a little spicy", which is a perfect combination.

Hake is hake and mate, partner in English. From the name, they already gave a clue about what they were looking for. And, although the initial idea was a “more street proposal”, when they saw the place where they are now located, in the Barrio de Salamanca, they could not resist.

They decided, from their gourmet fish & chips, to create a broader proposal of “Mediterranean cuisine with a cutting edge”, a very complete menu prepared by chef Luis Arrafut.

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Warm colors and textures for long dinners. © Hake Mate

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"You can come only for the fish & chips, if you want, but we don't want to call it our star dish, it's our specialty, and we have much more, " they say. Because of the inspiration of that dish from which they were born, seafood products still have more weight on the menu.

Competing with the fish & chips are the salmon tartare or the octopus and they have out of the menu proposals as curious as the marmitaki (tuna tataki in marmitako sauce).

In addition, meat, rice and a variety of entrees open hollow and are attractive for lunch or dinner. "Recognizable dishes that always hide a modern spin, " they say.

Like classic white potatoes or salad, whose mayonnaise has a Japanese base, a surprising spicy finish.

Hake Mate

For the appetizer, the afterwork or the first drink. © Hake Mate

Both the menu and the place, decorated by María Villalón Studio with subtle references to that marine world (from jellyfish lamps to metals that remind of the bones of the fish), invite you to relax meals and share different dishes.

It is divided into two zones. In the first one, the high tables and the bar are for faster encounters: appetizers, snack lunches (or fish & chips), for the afterwork with a cocktail in hand or the first glass of dinner.

The upper part, a semiplanta, low tables with tablecloth and velvet sofas in warm colors call for a relaxed desktop.

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You will go for their fish & chips, of course. A lesson to the English about their favorite dish. And you'll stay for the rest of his letter: from the salad to the chop tacos.


The terrace, in the street of Serrano. Wide, sunny and shaded, as you wish. For quick snacks or dinner with calm.

Hake Mate

The name of chess was because of the black and white floor they found. © Hake Mate

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C / de Serrano, 120


91 058 34 69


From Sunday to Wednesday from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Thursday to Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

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€ 25/30