Grilling is in vogue: Madrid premieres grill in its most modern neighborhood


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We had long expected the works on San Mateo Street to end. We were pleasantly surprised when Bastardo opened, but the end of the party was still begging. Just a few weeks ago, the last bet of the La Musa Group opened its doors on the ground floor of Bastardo Hostel . Limbo appears , a grill not too conventional but that has convinced us completely.

We open the door and we see a different space, with a smell that almost reminds us of village steakhouses rather than a restaurant in the capital. We met Javier Brichetto, the Argentine chef behind Limbo .

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Javier is Argentine and arrived in Madrid almost by chance a decade ago because he opened an ice cream shop . "I had a gastronomic advice company and I came to help a friend with everything that was the ice cream line. On one of these trips I made from Argentina here, the company is sold and the one who buys it offers me to drive some restaurants that he had in Madrid . He wrote me the proposal on a paper napkin, like a contract between people. And since then ten years have passed, "the Argentine tells amused

For Brichetto, the good thing about Madrid is that it has never made him feel outside his country . "I think that Argentines and Spaniards have a very important connection. Buenos Aires and Madrid are very similar. I noticed in recent years that gastronomy was being promoted in an incredible way, with a very remarkable evolution, " he says. And this Argentine is a lover of Madrid, hence he knows very well what are the tastes of those who roam the streets. And he has thrown himself into the pool.

Javier Brichetto, el chef de Limbo

Javier Brichetto, the chef of Limbo © Limbo

Although its opening is from the middle of May, the concept had been forging for two years. Undoubtedly, its hallmark is the huge oven that crosses the entire kitchen area . The oven has a special design, it has been manufactured in the town of Humanes and has special dimensions.

It occurred to Brichetto that a "tank oven" had to be made, like a train car .

Mesa de trabajo en las cocinas de Limbo

Work table in Limbo kitchens © Limbo

The two corners of the "cistern oven" are two roasters that cook the chicken with oak and charcoal, the star dish of the menu. In the center there is a grill for hamburgers, grilled tomatoes, etc.

Part of the process of creating the concept was based on the search for a place with industrial air, with high ceilings. It is obvious, since to put that oven they need a very specific space. "We found this place under the hotel and we found it great for the theme of light, which comes in all day and for this informal design, " says Brichetto.

And that New York industrial restaurant air passing by feeds its casual atmosphere with a legion of waiters without uniform, each with its own style. Because there are no rules; The only rule is the oven.

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The presence of the grill is present even in their cold dishes. He proposes a salmorejo made with grilled tomato that gives the palate a very different smoky happy ending, unfit for the purists and very suitable for those who like to break the rules.

Pollo asado al carbón de Limbo

Limbo roasted chicken © Limbo

And if we talk about that oven, we already get serious. Among the main ones, the star is the Chicken roasted on charcoal with potatoes of churrería, although it is necessary to highlight the Grilled beef burger with cheese, chimichurri and village bread, simply spectacular and with that fabulous touch of a grill that tastes grilled

If you also accompany it with the grilled tomatoes with parsley, you can already wait for the end of the seated world. And it also adds to the fashion of desserts in glass jars. Leaving without trying the dulce de leche flan is a sin.

Hamburguesa de ternera a la brasa con queso fundido de Limbo

Grilled veal burger with melted Limbo cheese © Limbo

The second strong point is undoubtedly the beer bar . The beer space is perfect for those who do not seek to sit down for dinner or lunch, and are looking for beers with friends, a casual afterwork or just something quick.

They have more than 60 different references of beers from around the world and the format is pure and hard bar. In addition, they can boast having their own beer. And the space has a second floor that is also enabled for events. It rocks!

La cocina de Limbo

The kitchen of Limbo © Limbo


We insist, because we like a grill that tastes like a grill . And with this we mean that the neatness with which they work is of important mention.

To recover the flavors of a grill in which wood and coal take cards, is to do things well. It's almost like playing poker with a ladder on the flop. In addition, it is a cool place, with a roll that radiates positive energy.

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Undoubtedly, the Pica Pica space is the necessary extra that many restaurants need and very few know how to take advantage of it. It is a faster space, a kind of beach bar where you can also enjoy the offer of their beers and where you can eat a chorizo ​​de León with a ripened cheese or with some pate that they make themselves. All in a more casual and casual way and where the protagonist, without a doubt, is beer .

Pica Pica, el espacio rápido, de picoteo y cerveceo

Pica Pica, the fast, snack and beer space © Limbo

El equipo de Limbo, dando la brasa

The Limbo team, grilling © Limbo

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San Mateo, 3. Madrid (Under the Bastardo Hostel)


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From Monday to Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 2:00 am; Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

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