With babies, pets or in a wheelchair: bloggers and 'youtubers' who teach traveling differently


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How many times have you thought "if it wasn't for …" I would go on a trip? In many cases, it is not about problems of time or money, but about preconceived ideas that slow us down and make us believe that, because we have small children or go in a wheelchair, we cannot do anything but stay at home. Nothing to see The question is knowing how to adapt to the circumstances and, of course, really wanting it (and, why not, also something of value).

Although it is not about leaving everything behind to embark on a new adventure (which may also be the case), the main thing is that the passion to travel can. That does not mean that we are not able to recognize our limitations, but they can also be used to turn ours into a different experience.


To Max and Susagna, from the Familia en Ruta blog and parents of a 9-year-old girl and a boy of 5, the idea of ​​having children not only did not take away the desire to travel but also increased them. They are still aware that not everyone embarks on a trip with children. Therefore, his experience serves as a guide.

In case of traveling with babies, they advise, for example, to keep schedules and habits as much as possible, never to hurry up and pack the right thing. In most destinations you can buy diapers and accessories. In addition, all traveling parents are recommended to take a baby carrier and, if they are in the lactation stage, the food will be in the mother's own body.

Other lovers of travel with small children are Mari Carmen and Gustavo de . Although his blog has been open since 2009, in 2013 they added a very special companion, his daughter Iris, and since then they tell what it is like to travel with young children. For this, this Madrid family recommends ideal destinations to go with a baby .

Among them are Prague and Budapest, the East Coast of the United States and Japan and, thanks to the experiences of other family bloggers, the Black Forest (Germany), Greece, Croatia or a cruise through the Middle East.

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Another family that enjoys getting to know the world, this time aboard a van, are the protagonists of the blog La furgoteta . In it Heber and María share their trips with their daughters Éire, 6 years old, and Olimpia, 2, and give a lot of “van tricks”, from the legislation on motor homes in each place to how to organize the routes with small or Make the best recipes to eat healthy traveling.

In addition, they have created a special on active parenting with games and tips for the education of children during the journeys. "Although we believe that traveling is the best way to learn, we also think that, with your eyes wide open, inspiring places are discovered just around the corner, " they say in their description.

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Although not only young children can take back the most adventurous. Pet care is also a reason that some people argue for not traveling. However, although there is no doubt that it is a responsibility, there are also ways for your dog to travel with you and enjoy it as much as you.

Lauranne and Javier demonstrate it in their blog Backpacking Dog telling their great trip by car from Spain to Thailand with their dog Meko. Unfortunately, this golden retriever is no longer among us, although this experience of more than 35, 000 kilometers has allowed its owners to make a guide with everything you need to travel with your dog : from vaccines and the necessary documentation to cross borders to how to travel with them by train or plane.

Cooper belongs to the same traveling dog club, another golden retriever that accompanies its owner Covadonga in all his travels in Spain. The result is a blog where, in addition to telling your travel experiences, lists of hotels, campsites and apartments where animals are welcome are offered.

Something more risky is Mayra, a Brazilian terrier who recounts in first person her trips with her owner Jenny Villar and her false aunt Derby. In the majority, they cross roads, mountains and cities of Andalusia.

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Although other times it is loneliness that can make us stay at home. Given this, the experience of hundreds of travelers traveling alone (and much more if they are women) can give us a boost. For Cristina Spínola, of Sola by Bike, "there is no better way to know the reality of a country and its inhabitants than by bicycle."

In addition, this Canarian journalist and youtuber was the first Spaniard to go around the world alone with her bike. His goal: "to inspire other women so that the only chains they carry are those of their bicycle."

Although cycling is not the only sport that Cristina practices. At the end of 2017, the challenge of traveling alone from north to south on the Gulf of California aboard a kayak was proposed. And he got it!

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Other intrepid travelers gather on the Viajo Sola platform . Created by photographer Rosa Martínez in 2016, it has stories of brave women who embark on adventure. It is the case of Rosa herself who recounts her experience traveling alone and pregnant .


Miguel Nonay also knows about challenges from the Mata de A log . This wheelchair traveler has made his passion to travel the world a job. For this, it has created Travelers without limits, a consultancy dedicated to making tourist destinations more accessible and disseminating them. Thus, it has contributed to adapt more than 700 hotels for people with disabilities and design more than 500 routes and activities in Spain. His work has also taken him to Belgium, France and Argentina, where he has created accessible routes from Iguazu to Usuhaia.

In addition, in his blog he not only tells about his traveling experiences, but also gives several recommendations for, for example, diving adapted or using a handbike safely .

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So the next time you feel like traveling and make an excuse, check out some of these bloggers that nothing and nobody gets ahead of them. Without a doubt, for all of them, to want is power.