A new multi-brand store arrives in Soho de Gijón


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" The Collector starts with a selection of products that for various reasons have some kind of relationship with the rest of the projects in which I am involved. It is a selection of independent pieces but that being under the umbrella of the brand The Collector make a sense as a whole, justified by a concept that will change weekly or biweekly ", thus presents Rubén Fernández, director and owner The Collector, this new multi-brand store that has just opened its doors in the so-called Soho de Gijón .

A very innovative project whose trick is to make all firms and products blend together harmoniously under the same guiding thread. Art, fashion and culture will coexist in this three-story Asturian shop where the customer can live different experiences every time he visits his spaces.

A singularity that seems to work, since, as Rubén confesses to me, even if it has been open for less than a month, the concept store has already managed to attract the attention of many alternative brands and other established, artists and companies that want The Collector Be a getaway and a special point of sale for your products.

The Collector se ubica en un edificio de tres plantas en el número 29 de la calle Instituto de Gijón.

The Collector is located in a three-story building at number 29 of the Instituto de Gijón street. © The Collector


"I could not imagine another area better than this one to open The Collector. It is known as the 'Soho de Gijón' because of the type of shops, galleries, design studios and artists and leisure areas that are in it, " he says. The owner, who after many years of creative work for fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, as well as the organization of art exhibitions, has finally launched for direct sale to the public.

Rubén describes Gijón as a small, but very fun, cosmopolitan and modern city. And much more in this area that has regained its life and in which "you can find proposals that could well be in the Le Marais district of Paris and that would not clash in New York or London's Soho, " presumes the director of the space located at number 29 of Instituto Street.

La planta baja en The Collector es un expositor que resume el concepto elegido para cada periodo de tiempo.

The ground floor at The Collector is an exhibitor that summarizes the concept chosen for each period of time. © The Collector


The ground floor is a large showcase of the proposals that will make up the concept chosen for each period of time, which will rotate continuously so that customers always find new reasons to go to The Collector.

On the first floor there is another exhibition area, but it also hosts dedicated spaces for direct private sales: each brand that participates in the project has the possibility of summoning its regular clients weekly or monthly to close private sales or organize events.

The last floor of the building includes a large selection of art books, special collector's editions, large-scale works of both painting and photography, as well as a careful selection of wines. A place that lends itself to gatherings, talks, wine tastings and book presentations.

La decoración de la primera planta de la tienda multimarca The Collector es moderna y colorida.

The decoration of the first floor of the multi-brand store The Collector is modern and colorful. © The Collector


"Presentations of collections, private sales, special sales, meetings and meetings … will coexist with normal day-to-day operation. Also experiences that allow to merge online sale and physical sale: online purchase with store pick-up or see the products physically to that they be sent home, "Rubén explains.

Also remember the director of The Collector that any day of the week you can enjoy a live musical performance or even run into one of the designers or artists participating in the project, who will have no problem chatting and talking about his work.

Libros de arte y botellas de vino parecen haber nacido para convivir juntos en The Collector.

Art books and bottles of wine seem to have been born to live together in The Collector. © The Collector