La Panera Rosa, Argentine comfort food in Madrid


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If, when you read La Panera Rosa, you thought of La Pantera Rosa, you are not very misguided. That same relationship made its creator, the Argentine Leonardo Iluane when he created this bistro coffee in Buenos Aires. From her kitchen she wanted the flavors she remembered from her childhood to come out, and the food with which anyone feels at home, what they call comfort food in the United States.

Breads and cakes, Argentine empanadas, freshly made food, always made there and up to date. And when he began to think about his happiest childhood, he always returned to the drawings of the Pink Panther. The association was instantaneous and, in addition, it had a perfect excuse to play in the decoration with a color that has gained followers thanks to social networks: pink.

La Panera Rosa

Rosa (millennial) very sweet or salty. © The Pink Panera

Rosa are the walls of this new place that has been open in Madrid for a few months. The warmth of the decoration that accompanies the smell of freshly baked bread, crepes and waffles made at the moment, homemade pastries.

But there is much more to La Panera Rosa's letter. Inspired by the concept of American diners or French bistros, they are extensive (top-notch, intimidating) cards with many sweet or savory options available at any time of the day. You can have a hot waffle with sirloin and caramelized onion on top or one with nutella, chocolate ice cream and oreo cookie. You can eat some ravioli (the pasta they make themselves) of roasted vegetables or a piece of apple pie. Have breakfast at any time or eat all the time, the eternal dream.

La Panera Rosa

Brie and chicken waffle. © The Pink Panera

There are also crepes, for their French inspiration, salty and sweet. And sandwiches, from the quinoa hamburger to salmon bagel. And, of course, lighter options with varied salads.

Leonardo Iluane opened the first La Panera Rosa in Buenos Aires in 2013 and now has several stores, all with the same success. Tails for their freshly made cakes are popular. And the same formula has been brought to Madrid, where uninterrupted kitchens and breakfast all day is increasingly in demand.

La Panera Rosa

Lounges to spend the whole day. © The Pink Panera

The menu is practically the same as the one offered in Argentina, with small adaptations to Madrid's taste. From its Buenos Aires origin, the steak Milanese (to vary a little bit of cachopo) and homemade empanadas in the salty world. In the sweet, of course, could not miss the alfajores or the pastry with dulce de leche.

Food to share. Blunt dishes, perfect for groups. For a snack-dinner, another concept to claim. Especially, now that the good weather arrives and, in addition to being able to enjoy it in its bright and pink room, it can be done on its large and prepared terrace.

La Panera Rosa

Cakes and cakes made every day. © The Pink Panera


For crepes, salty or sweet waffles (or waffles). For the fresh pasta. Because you like to believe that you are having breakfast at any time of the day.


Special mention deserves its drinks menu: fruit juices, lemonade with ginger and mint, smoothies and cocktails. There is a perfect accompaniment for any meal, from brunch to dinner. Oh, and they have menu of the day.

La Panera Rosa

Breaded steak. Long live Argentina! © The Pink Panera

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C / Ortega y Gasset, 73


91 129 54 69


From Monday to Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 00 a.m. Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 00:30 a.m.; Sundays from 9 a.m. to 00 a.m.

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€ 15