Six restaurants to get to know Soria


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Casa Vallecas (Real, 16 tel. 975 34 31 36)
His mycological days are almost 20 years old and are an entire institution. María Ortega and Alfonso de Pablo opened their canteen back in 1953 with a modest grocery store that, over the years, ended up becoming a restaurant with a hotel, catering service and banquet space.

However, simplicity remains holy and points to its star product, the Sorian mushrooms, as well as the black truffle. Ingredients needed for recipes such as potato with vanilla, truffle and crayfish, thistle mushrooms with lamb and deer gizzards or, already with a view to hunting, which also embroider, the stewed partridge. Leave room for homemade desserts.

The fun bar menu includes essentials like crayfish torreznos.

Cintora (La Iiedra, 3 tel. 975 27 10 07)
They have been organizing hunting days since 1985. Jesús Jimeno Medrano is the head chef of this house in which mushrooms and hunting fight to be the favorites of the faithful clientele.

The risotto omelette with a dove, the orange deer cheeks or the pickled pheasant with chives are left to love as much as the scrambled eggs with mushrooms and crumbs, the couscous of lepiotas or the custard of cinnamon sponge cake. The difficult thing here is to opt for something … and not for everything.

His days of mushroom and wine harmonies, held in November, also reap great success.

In addition, they have a rural house of the same name surrounded by a beautiful and wooded natural landscape.

Real Posada de la Mesta (Cañerías, 22 tel. 666 08 19 28)
Charming hotel at the foot of the Urbión Peaks.

Yes, here the mushrooms are also the queens of the house and the letter, so as not to lose the good customs of this province.

In this case, the star dish is the poultry eggs with grated black truffle, sublimation of the simplicity that follows the line of its elaborations of boletus and amanita, in sauteed and carpaccios.
As a curious fact, here they were pioneers in the organization of mushroom and fungus collection routes.

Enjoy your works of art from different eras in the hotel, its extensive library and the feeling of tranquility.


The hand (High, 41 tel. 615 92 98 10)
A "village" food house where enjoyment smells as soon as you enter. Pinariega cuisine, as they define it themselves, does not conform to the abundant and always leading mushrooms - in strong stews such as pig's trotters stuffed with meat and truffle -, also in their game dishes and in crabs and river fish, so unusual in the letters of big cities.
It owes its name, by the way, to the nickname of the family's grandfather, founder of the business.

Your fireplace invites you to stay, lengthen the desktop and feel at home grandma. Or even better.

La Lobita (Avda. De la Constitución, 54 tel. 975 37 43 68)
Elena Lucas's grandmother, current head of this house, is called Luciana Lobo, hence the name of the restaurant. Here we talk about major words and awards that are piled up on the shelves. Elena, who worked for years outside the family business, decided to return and put everything she learned on fire.
The result is a reinvention of the recipe for mushrooms with dishes such as red tuna tataki with chanterelles, wakame gum and rock tea, the ramen of the soup cooked to the fashionable soup, or the evolution of a torrezno with mushrooms. Classics such as the Russian salad or pickled salad remain with these blows of Asian irony.

Diego Muñoz manages the winery, with more than 300 references and a passionate effort to offer the best corkscrews.

Bulwark (Knights, 14 tel. 975 21 36 58)
Óscar García is the great ambassador of the Soriana kitchen. García's Hongos 2017 menu already points out where the shots go here: poultry chicken pate with boletus, mushrooms with foie, squid stuffed with doxelle with mushroom air, mushroom-filled gyozas and shrimp with autumn truffle, boletus, ice cream of thyme and caramelized sweet potato ice cream…
However, it is not the only thing that has made him famous, because dishes such as tongue stewed with miso, cauliflower and cabbage or garlic soup with Ucero trout broth reflect his intention to mix origins and fusion. Its traditional menu (€ 56) is a declaration of intent.

Located in a beautiful building in the historic center of Soria, its agenda of specialized conferences and events is unstoppable, and includes beers, products from the garden, black truffle …

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