Restaurant of the week: Gofio


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Gofio, coarse cornmeal, wheat or barley flour, roasted and occasionally mixed with sugar, has been the main source of food for the Canarian people and one of its hallmarks for hundreds of years.

A product with a lot of luggage behind that gives its name to a restaurant in the Barrio de las Letras where a message of maximum canarity is transmitted .

Here there is a clear conductive thread and eager to tell it through their dishes, without posturing or nonsense. In Gofio no aspect is left behind and that is perceived from the first moment: a creative kitchen that knows how to exploit every nuance of the dish to make it more attractive.

If this is accompanied by a nearby and professional room management that explains each pass in detail, the experience of visiting Gofio is a pleasure. The room has recently renovated its decoration and together with the watercolors of María Bombassat on the walls we can travel to the Canary Islands without catching airplanes.

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All the Canarian flavor in the Las Letras neighborhood © GOFIO by Cícero Canary

Safe Cruz and all his team demonstrate that the Canarian cuisine goes beyond the wrinkled potatoes with mojo and they do it by renewing classic dishes combining aesthetics, textures, temperatures and everything that could be an evolution without losing sight of the flavor.

The formula for displaying your message consists of three tasting menus of different lengths where the renewed ideas of the Canarian cookbook are expressed. It is accompanied by an interesting wine list from the islands, with references from all the wineries and among which there is more than a rarity worthy of enjoyment.

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A renewed Canarian recipe book presented in three tasting menus © GOFIO by Cícero Canary

From its current menu Maximum Canariety there are several dishes that do not leave you indifferent: the matalauva bollito with pure sheep flower cheese from Gran Canaria is juiciness and intensity of flavor.

The rabbit trout to the Canarian salmorejo injected with aromatic herbs is a pie that in front of the diner stuffed with stew, in this way the crispy exterior texture is maintained while inside it makes you want to put the spoon, pure unctuousness.

He could not miss his party meat: the pigeon cooked to the point, tender, with mojo picón, cotufas (roasted corn) and roasted pineapple, also accompany him with the legs of the bird whose meat detaches itself.

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Agripicante goat soup, artisan cheese tamale and black garlic © GOFIO by Cícero Canary

In the sweet section, the roasted milk with tonka bean, cheese and ice cream of herb (peppermint) with notes of vanilla, caramel, almond and clove of the bean together with the ice cream that refreshes the palate, form a very interesting set in the mouth.

The cookbook of this kitchen is proportional to the number of cultures for which it has been splashed and in Gofio you can enjoy much of it. It is a different and unique concept in Madrid (and also in the islands), there are no copies.

Here the Canary Islands are cooked according to Safe Cruz and that results in exotic, surprising and tasty dishes. Strength and roots.

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Safe Cruz and all his team demonstrate that the Canarian cuisine goes beyond the wrinkled potatoes with mojo © GOFIO by Cícero Canary