The other Peruvian cuisine: beyond pisco and ceviche


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Not only ceviche (or cebiche? Maybe seviche?) Lives Peruvian cuisine . The cuisine of the Andean country sums up perfectly what Peru is, in its seafood product (mussels, octopus, sea bass …) and in its earth delicacies (corn, pork and beef …); and also what it was, a homeland for other nationalities (such as the Japanese, hence the Peruvian fusion called Nikkei ; the Chinese, with the wonderful wonder; or the Spanish and the flavors of Creole cuisine).

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Lomo saltado

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In our desire to discover more, much more, of Peruvian cuisine, we have turned to our authorized sources: Jaime Monzón (La Cebichería de Trafalgar), Gonzalo Amorós (El Inti de Oro), Omar Malpartida (Luma, / M, Tiradito), Miguel Valdiviezo (The Cevicuchería), Álex Vargas (Quispe).

The dishes of Peru ooze elaborations from other parts of the world without losing their foundation: powerful flavors that yield to the use of chili pepper (hot pepper) and corn (corn). Beyond the everlasting ceviche and the acclaimed pisco (perhaps the most exported?), The streets of the villas of Peru serve a street kitchen, daily, full of color and life.

Tipos de choclo (maíz)

Types of corn (corn) © iStock

The anticuchos (which in Japan they would call 'teriyakis' and in Spain we would call 'morunos skewers'), the thousand ways to prepare the octopus, the cuisine of picantería, the fried yucca, the black shells, the Peruvian desserts ("we are very sweet ! ", exclaims Gonzalo Amorós) as the purple Mazamorra with rice pudding or the Suspiro a la Lima (with a story behind his name told in this video) …

In addition, we take the opportunity to tell us more, what are the false myths of Peruvian cuisine? Is it a kitchen as aphrodisiac as it is rumored? Let's see…


See 26 photos

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