Let's eat Valladolid: the best restaurants in the province


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Mannix (Felipe II, 26 tel. 983 69 80 18) $$$

The small grill that founded the great Eusebio is today a benchmark of the best roast.

The best lamb in Spain is here and Marco and Carmen, the children of Eusebio, work hard to keep the bar high.

The adobe and mud ovens and the oak wood that ignites the grill are the only secret of this grill in which the starters do not detract, such as golden garlic gizzards, grilled vegetables or the forceful salads.

After the proverbial lamb, it is mandatory to leave a place for homemade desserts, very abundant and for which it is forbidden to leave anything on the plate .

They also have a flirtatious cottage with capacity for six to eight people.

El mejor lechazo de España está en Mannix

The best lamb in Spain is here © Mannix


The apothecary of Matapozuelos (Plaza Mayor, 2 tel. 983 83 29 42) $$$

Miguel Ángel de la Cruz and his father, Teodoro, two generations and two kitchens.

Faced with the tradition of the father, Michelangelo has revolutionized the Valladolid cuisine with his passion for collecting and his efforts to make the best of the Lands of Pinares, where his house is located.

Hence, surprises such as its successful white pine nut soup with trout and roasted pine nut ice cream with river herbs or the smoked sheep's milk egg with mushrooms. so that everything remains in the family, Alberto, his brother, manages the winery with you, well stocked with references from the area.

He was the one who took juice from the pineapple without ripening as if it were a citrus. Imagination to the power.

La botica de Matapozuelos

An empire of comforts and savoir faire © La botica de Matapozuelos


Refectory (Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine tel. 983 68 03 68) $$$$$

Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine is one of the most exquisite hotels in the country, with 27 double rooms and three suites, as well as an impressive spa.

Marc Segarra, student of Aduriz, took the witness of Pablo Montero with the responsibility of maintaining the highest level.

His passion for vegetables and herbs is reflected in dishes such as fried oyster, juniper cream, grapefruit and coriander, topinambo confit with pear and lavender or grilled boletus.

The forcefulness (sifted) comes with the roasted foie with quinoa, fennel and thyme infusion and the deer loin with fermented apple and cardamom.

In the winery they send the wines of Abadía Retuerta, with house jewels only available here, but keep an eye on the rest of the references.

Refectorio alt=

Refectory © Refectory


Dámaso (Corbeta, s / n. La Galera Country Club. Tel. 983 40 53 72) €€€

The change of premises has given a new packaging to the great kitchen of Dámaso Vergara.

Sitting in this house is always a surprise because of how much the menus vary and how difficult it is not to leave with a big smile.

In recent visit it was caused by powerful corns, a grilled foie with apple, spider crab and sea ox, a pigeon marinated in seaweed with saline herbs, a delicate steamed hake with ajoblanco and the cow matured 40 days with Dutch of coriander and cassava .

Among the desserts, thin apple pie and ice cream of the very Castilian tocinillo. At this point, one of the essential references of the Valladolid kitchen, if not the most.

Although outside the city, the pleasant views and the decadent air of country club give packaging to the new space.

Huevos benedictinos en Dámaso

Benedictine eggs in Dámaso © Dámaso

Paco Espinosa (Paseo Obregón, 16 tel. 983 33 09 88) $$$

A secret out of the way thanks to its fish.

In the neighborhood of La Victoria, not far from the center but out of sight of the clueless tourist, Paco Espinosa boasts a seaport with a letter always pending from the market and simple elaborations in generous portions.

They are famous their sardines with onion and oil, which succeed in a bar full of hooks in which to chop before going to the room and launch the nets.

Large cellar and good recommendations, better be advised.

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Wheat (Dyes, 8 tel. 983 11 55 00) $$$

Víctor Martín in the kitchen and Noemí Martínez in the room are the “ambassadors” of the Valdisoletana haute cuisine. Tesón and darling do not lack.

Although they also have a menu, the best in a first raid is to choose one of the two tasting menus, Festival or De la Tierra, in which their vocation to leave a mark from the traditional Castilian recipe book is very clear.

Proof of this are smoked veal and apple salad, seasonal beans and mushrooms, cod with spinach and chickpeas (yes, the kings of the potaje) or Iberian rice.

Naomi knows about wines, enjoys offering them and runs an interesting winery .

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€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

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