This is the map of the best cheeses in Europe


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"Because we like cheese, we like food and we like cartography, " the reasons that led them to create this delicious map are explained to from TasteAtlas .
They do not know how many cheeses it includes in total, only that they try to fill every inch of the map and that its updated version (which covers the whole world) can be consulted online.
To map one of our favorite guilty pleasures, "we have a small, but efficient team of authors and designers who conduct rigorous searches for TasteAtlas, using local and global sources, " they say.

“We try to find which cheese is the most popular locally. Google usually has these types of answers. In addition to popularity, the other criterion is the number of relevant certificates, such as European designations of origin or the Slow Food Ark of Taste . And then, for example, there are cases like Casu Marzu, from Sardinia, which is unique and must be put on the map, ”they clarify.
“It is not a problem to find good food, the problem is that the map has a limited space and, then, you have to decide which food will be a priority . It's hard and there is always someone who gets mad at us, ”they say from this project dedicated to collecting, preserving and promoting local ingredients, traditional recipes and authentic restaurants from around the world.
Taking into account these criteria and the spatial limitation of any map, that of Spain would look like this:

Este es el mapa de los mejores quesos de Europa

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