Three restaurants to eat Palencia


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Hostería de los Palmeros (Plaza San Telmo, 4 tel. 979 81 00 67) $$$

Álvaro and José Antonio Rayón run this impeccable trip to the past.

Since 1964, this house maintains its elegance against wind and tide as a perfect place to stop on the Camino.

Classic recipes such as brave palominos from Tierra de Campos stew, garlic soup or Saldaña beans with Monte rabbit start a safe bet with an always impeccable service.

The large winery, advised by Álvaro, deserves a good uncorking … or two.


La Traserilla (San Marcos, 12 tel. 979 74 54 21) €€

Cozy 19th-century house that looks to the past … and the future.

The palentina stew, the sweetbreads with cider mushrooms, hake stuffed with salmon, monkfish empinñonado … everything tastes here in Castilian tradition, but also with modern winks in dishes such as pickled lamb with avocado cream and cord black.

Chef Miguel Sánchez knows how to play well in both fields.

A small but well-stocked spiked bar encourages the arrival.

La Traserilla

A cozy 19th-century house eager to eat the world © La Traserilla


The star of the lower Carrión (Mayor, 32 tel. 979 82 70 05) $$$

The Pedrosa sisters have made Villoldo an essential gastronomic stop.

Cozy, elegant and unexpected . This is the temple with the greatest glory of the spoon kitchen, the pigeons of Tierra de Campos, the peas of Palencia, the peppers of Torquemada, the mushrooms of the forest and the birds of fire .

A song to the region that has its alter ego in its "branch" Madrid, Villoldo. In case it catches more by hand, although visiting one does not excuse knowing the other.

They have a small hotel to turn the plan into a perfect weekend .

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

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Comedor de La Estrella del Bajo Carrión

Cozy, elegant and unexpected © La Estrella del Bajo Carrión