It is not a spaceship: it is Tetra, a science fiction hotel in the middle of nature


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Classic, minimalist, thematic, urban, luxury, boutique, technological, high up in the mountains, in the middle of the desert … or even underwater. In short: for tastes, hotels.

The offer is multiplied every day, but they all have a common denominator: the eagerness to make a difference. And in this sense, Tetra Hotel, a concept still under development, cannot be compared to any other accommodation.

Tetra Hotel

Can you imagine staying in the most remote places on the planet? © Tetra Hotel

Imagine the most recondite place on the planet, add the most cutting-edge architecture perfectly combined with a nature whose purity is only surpassed by its inaccessibility. Welcome to Tetra, the hotel of the future come true.

WSP engineers and Innovation Imperative architects are the creators of this modular structure hotel, backed by DIT Spain (Department for International Trade), and designed to enter remote areas and provide the greatest comfort accompanied by the most advanced technology.

Tetra Hotel

In addition to the suites, the capsules are designed to house restaurants, exhibitions and spaces dedicated to design and creativity © Tetra Hotel


Tetra shed is a mosaic building system that they decided to develop as a garden office, given the rise of telecommuting today. In addition to becoming the most innovative system to work from home, aroused the interest of the hospitality industry in order to develop a different boutique hotel and above all seen so far.

Sustainability and respect for the environment are the basis of this project, neutral in carbon emissions and designed to be built with local materials, from each location where it sits.

For this, they will have a mobile factory from which to obtain the necessary materials for the construction of the hotels.


The pod-shaped capsules on which the Tetra Hotel is structured resemble the cocoons of silkworms.

Despite settling on the ground by a single point, its stability is achieved by grouping them four by four. Each pod will have a bedroom, bathroom, hall and even an office.

And the proposal goes further: “Although our proposal is a hotel, the public areas within the scheme will attract a large number of visitors. These will include bars, restaurants, as well as space for markets, exhibitions, fairs and events, ”says John Stephens of the Tetra team to

Tetra Hotel

The capsules will be 19 meters high and will have a bedroom, bathroom, hall and even office © Tetra Hotel


“Tetra Hotel has been designed to be extremely versatile and we anticipate that most of the functions in public areas are aimed at design and creativity. For example, the work of talented young designers and creatives in various disciplines could be exhibited within these areas, ”explains Stephens.

They also want to collaborate with the fashion industry, offering a space to hold parades and events. "Many of the leading fashion firms are adopting architecture in their designs and presentations and Tetra Hotel would be a perfect scenario, " he says.

Tetra Hotel

New Zealand, Cape Verde, Spain and Portugal are some of the locations that are considered © Tetra Hotel


Where do you plan to open the 'Tetra Hotels'? "Some of the locations we have in mind are: Andorra, Cape Verde, Canada, Spain, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal and the United Kingdom, " they comment from WSP.

This summer they will begin to confirm some of the locations and we can't be more impatient!

Tetra Hotel

A space capsule that aims to land in the most remote locations on our planet © Tetra Hotel