Essential restaurants to know the province of Burgos


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Cobo Vintage (La Merced, 19 tel. 947 02 75 81) $$$

Miguel Cobo has revolutionized the, until now, traditional Burgos hospitality. In the table. Looking at the sea from Burgos may be strange, but not so much if we think that the Cantabrian is there next.

That is why here the kitchen is based on the road from Castilla to the sea, as shown in its menu Origin # N623, with proposals such as the sobrasada airbag, cream of sour cream and smoked sardine or the marinated rock crackling in front of the hare in two steps.

They offer à la carte dishes and a stewed rice with pitu that triumphs.

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La Fábrica (Briviesca, 4 tel. 947 04 04 20) €€€

Creative market cuisine from the hand of the young Ricardo Temiño. Its Raices menu (€ 42) reflects your desire to play with the best value for money. Addictive the crab chili soup, funny potato parmentier of the Bureba with butter fish and shiitake and sweet grilled French toast.

From the menu, gizzard ravioli with chilindrón with sweet potato and curry are essential. It offers a midday lunchtime menu (€ 18) very interesting.

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Los Claveles (Ctra. Logroño, 31 tel. 947 42 10 73) €

In 1962 they opened for the first time, and its star dish, the rotten pot of beans from Ibeas, remains today its saint and sign. Tradition renewed with simplicity as a premise.

¿Examples? Almost all: the homemade ham croquettes, the scrambled eggs of crayfish and asparagus tails, the seafood soup, the beans with clams, a magnificent Roman hake … It is very close to the site of Atapuerca, so the gastrocultural plan is more than insured.

La elegancia de los salones de Los Claveles

The elegance of the rooms of Los Claveles © Los Claveles


Casa Antón (Doctor Luis Cervera, 5 tel. 947 17 03 62) €

Emblematic Castilian steakhouse captained by Alejandro Tomé . It is almost obvious to say: good roasted lamb (the best, as the boss would say), delicious cutlets, gizzards, kidneys … and all that can be given by the "bug" king of the area. To accompany, abundant salads and claret wine or classic Ribera del Duero.

And to stretch your legs before dessert, nothing like walking among the photos of popular characters who have visited this house. There are hundreds.

La Roca (Ramón y Cajal, 47 tel. 947 31 20 02) €

Alberto Molinero, chef of Lola, in Berantevilla (Álava), directs this commitment to informal haute cuisine.

The fried veal morrillo with hoisin sauce, the can of anchovies with sun-dried earth and tomatoes, the famous croquettes, the pastrami focaccia… everything here sounds relaxed and for sharing, but hides the effort to do something different in land of classics . Its menu of the day (€ 14.90) maintains the level and is a success.


Nazareno (Palace Gate, 1 tel. 947 54 02 14) €€

One of the undisputed kings of Castilian roast lamb. The Cristóbal family has given Roa so much for five generations that we can add little to its obvious success .

It is better to book on weekends (and have patience) to enjoy your star dish, the lamb, as well as good “seafood from Castilla” as starters: black pudding, cheese, chorizo… For dessert, the puff pastry pie. Why change what has been working for decades. Excellent point of arrival after a wine route along the Ribera del Duero burgalesa.

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

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El Nazareno, un clásico

A whole classic; its five generations of chefs and expertise guarantee it © El Nazareno