La Gacilly Festival, where this year the photos are, in addition to special, space


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When, in 2003, Jacques Rocher, son of Yves Rocher and honorary president of the French company, started the Peuples & Nature project in La Gacilly (where his father was original) did nothing to presage that the original 'labyrinth' of small photographs exhibited in Half of nature would eventually become the international photographic festival that it is today.

Since then, almost three and a half million visitors have walked through the cobbled streets and gardens of this small Breton city to enjoy the images - in some gigantic cases - taken by a total of 300 photographers (who have always been bought his work).

To Jacques Rocher, today mayor of the city, we owe that the original objective of the Photo La Gacilly Festival has not been distorted by the way: every year, for 15 years, and although the themes vary, there is always a social and ecological background that It seeks to reflect on the dangers that lurk the planet.

In Gacilly we have been able to see a portrait of Steve McCurry's Afghan girl and, more recently, Tim Flach's conceptual animals hanging on a facade - at an enormous size.

ITW: Eric Pillot? ⠀ In Situ ⠀ À découvrir ici: ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ «Tout a commencé in 2004 avec une vision: celles d'ours polaires nageant sous l'eau, que j'ai I watched derrière la vitre d'un bassin, dans a zoo. C'était pour moi à la fois très réel et complètement onirique de voir ces grands mammifères glisser, jouer sous l'eau. A compter de ce jour, j'ai photographié des animaux. »Après avoir fait des études scientifiques et travaillé comme ingénieur, Eric Pillot (né in 1968) is released in the photographie qui ne l'intéresse« which dans le cadre d'une recherche artistique », mettant en scène l'animal sauvage dans les architectures des zoos qu'il voit comme des constructions culturelles. They are travail aété notamment I rewarded in 2015 for the Prix de Photographie Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière - Académie des Beaux-arts. A shared publication of Festival Photo La Gacilly (@lagacillyphoto) on Sep 27, 2017 at 11:37 p.m. PDT

This year's theme (in which the works will remain exhibited free of charge until September 30) is articulated around the need to question the current state of the planet. An idea that has its roots in the photographs taken (and shared online) by the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the European space station, where he spent a total of 196 hours between November 2016 and June 2017.

His photos are, even more if possible, much more spectacular printed in giant size and hung from two central stone houses of La Gacilly. They are spatial, but also special!

The "Festival of warm and cold colors of the Betsiboka River in #Madagascar", as described by the snapshot Pesquet on his Twitter, and the abstract painting that make up the hundreds of circular farm fields in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the organization of the largest outdoor photo festival in France has set up a relaxing area right in front of these works where you can rest and have a drink while enjoying the photographic and incredible panorama.

Dos fotos expuestas en La Gacilly y tomadas por el astronauta francés Thomas Pesquet desde la estación espacial europea entre 2016 y 2017.

Two photos displayed in La Gacilly and taken by the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the European space station between 2016 and 2017. © Marta Sahelices


With only 2, 300 inhabitants registered, La Gacilly is currently known for this festival, but also for having been the nerve center of the cosmetic brand Yves Rocher, since its founder did everything possible in the 50s so that his hometown did not I died of inactivity. He began to manufacture his first natural beauty products here and today he maintains a huge store where to buy them and a Botanical Garden with more than 1100 species of plants that can be visited.

Also on top of a hill at the town's entrance there is a four-star hotel called La Grée des Landes with a Yves Rocher spa where you can enjoy the beauty and wellness protocols of the French firm.

Cada rincón de La Gacilly es susceptible de acoger una fotografía.

Every corner of La Gacilly is likely to host a photograph. © Marta Sahelices

Rocher's arrival in the middle of the last century also created a so-called effect that caused many artisans in the region to settle in La Gacilly. A tradition that is still valid and can be felt in many of the stores that sow its main streets: glass craftsmen, watermarks, marquetry, miniature ateliers …

There are also patisseries where you can buy one of Brittany's traditional desserts, butter cake, and restaurants where you can soak up the traditional Breton cuisine without having to abandon the current elaborations.

This is the case of Les Enfants Gatthes, where they respect the rhythm of the seasons and work only with 100% Breton producers. Here until Coca Cola is Breton, Breizh Cola is called. A success when what is sought is to make feel and share the spirit of one of the most authentic regions of France.

Pastel de ortigas bretonas y ensaladilla de calabacín bretón en el restaurante Les Enfants Gatthes, en Gacilly.

Breton Nettle Pie and Breton Zucchini Salad at Les Enfants Gatthes restaurant in Gacilly. © Marta Sahelices

Metafotografía: una fotógrafa, fotografiando una fotografía de Jan C. Schlegel, en el festival fotográfico de La Gacilly.

Metaphotography: a photographer, photographing a photograph of Jan C. Schlegel, at the photographic festival of La Gacilly. © Marta Sahelices