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Locals, artists, bohemians and a committed international gay community have made Sitges what it is today, a cosmopolitan and elegant destination full of shops, art galleries and top restaurants.

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Just for its old town and its lively beaches, it would be worth a visit; Although Sitges gives for more, much more.

Known worldwide for its prolific leisure agenda, there is no pin in Sitges while some of its most international events take place. Every August, at the city's Fiesta Mayor, the city is illuminated with spectacular fireworks and even a traditional 'correfoc', where tons of gunpowder accompany colorful folk dances.

In June, the streets are carpeted with millions of flower petals to celebrate Corpus Christi. The Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia takes place in October and throughout the year there are art and music exhibitions or culinary festivals among which vintage, a cultural event in the city ​​of Malvasia, the type of grape more characteristic of the vineyards of the region and where the characteristic 'Malvasía de Sitges' is extracted.

It is a sweet wine that is made only from the variety of the same name, the Malvasía de Sitges, and that is perfect to taste with desserts like a sugar coke.

Modernismo en estado puro por las calles de Sitges

Modernism in its purest form through the streets of Sitges © Alamy

And there is always something to do in Sitges, even if it is simply the pleasure of walking to visit the modernist legacy that can be found dotted by the old town.

Santiago Rusiñol was the painter and writer who at the end of the 19th century revolutionized Sitges with his modernist parties and his workshop house, the Cau Ferrat, and the town itself was a meeting point for the intellectuals and artists of Modernism.

The streets of Sitges accumulate a good handful of references to this aesthetic, such as the Bonaventura Blay House, the Manuel Planas House or the Pere Carreras House, as well as the interior of the Prado Theater, and the Cau Ferrat itself, which brings together everything An example of the art of the moment.

Edificios típicos vacacionales en Sitges

Typical holiday buildings in Sitges © Getty Images

But it is that everything has happened here. A few years before the arrival of the modernists, it was the rich merchants who established their holiday accommodation here, attracting artists and writers for inspiration in the blue waters, the white houses and the wild landscapes of the Costa del Garraf .

Sitges's reputation as a place where European intellectuals came was sealed when, at the end of the 19th century, Picasso and his contemporaries also began to relax here. And here follows his legacy.

Garraf alt=

Garraf © Ana Montenegro

If the cultural menu of the city is complete, we could say that the gastronomic is also not served cold. With a strong Catalan accent and special emphasis on fish and shellfish (most from the nearby port of Vilanova), rice and tapas are, of course, the most popular dishes to enjoy in Sitges.

For the first, nothing like a table in La Nansa, which since 1963 has been feeding the palates of locals and tourists based on typical dishes, such as the 'casserole of rice a la sitgetana' (rib, sausage, shrimp, crayfish, sepia and clams).

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For the latter, a classic like El Cable cannot be missing in any gastronomic route worth its salt.

Established in their genuine premises since 1956, the Andreu family has achieved the impossible in their own words: "we are not just a village bar: we are the village bar, the meeting point of many people in Sitges." And they are right .

You have to try their homemade vermouth and its more traditional tapas, such as squid and bravas, considered the best, or almost, in all of Catalonia.

They do not sell tobacco, they do not serve must or cider and you can only drink coffee during the breakfast shift .

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Not far from El Cable, we must go back to 1913 to talk about the first beach bar that is known in Spain, the Chiringuito, located in the Paseo de la Ribera, on the Fragata beach, the most popular in Sitges.

The history corroborates that the Chiringuito was a core of the cultural world in Sitges and the meeting place of the gatherings. If only for its past and for its privileged views of the photogenic church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla, it is well worth a visit.

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The sun goes down and the night awake in the city that seems to never sleep.

If by day Sitges is a hotbed of walkers and restless travelers, at night it is the nerve center of the party and fun. This is demonstrated in the First Street of Maig, better known as the 'street of sin', where dozens of locals with decibels in the clouds compete for who attracts more people.

For those looking for something more leisurely, the terrace of Casa Bacardi is an excellent place to sit and, cocktail in hand, watch the night go by in the old town of Sitges, the place where it all began. The less nocturnal, find their particular refuge in the MiM hotel, one of the most innovative boutique establishments in the city.

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Located 100 meters from the beach, the hotel highlights many things, but they are its rooftop terrace, with swimming pool and restaurant, and its spa (it has a complete and very curt hydrotherapy circuit), the authentic jewels of the crown.

This masterpiece of sustainable architecture is also one of the hotels most committed to the environment, and is located just 100 meters from one of the most lively beaches in the Mediterranean, Sant Sebastià .

And although here we have come to play, that for that we are in Sitges, in its rooms calm and rest reign, something that the traveler will surely appreciate after the intense days of Sitgetan leisure.

MiM Sitges

Sustainable architecture in Sant Sebastià © MiM Sitges

Add and follow, because the penultimate bet of the British luxury chain Soho House has also chosen the Garraf to give life to its Soho Beach House . And it is never enough for Nick Jones, owner, lord and creator of the exclusive British club whose penultimate whim is a Beach House on the Costa del Garraf itself, smaller than usual, with the same profile of exclusivity and 17 rooms.

The inauguration of what will be the fashion beach club in Catalonia is planned for the end of July, leaving the hotel that will accompany it by the end of August.

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