Hëtta, the heat of Swedish cuisine comes to Barcelona


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We confirmed it recently: Nordic cuisine is the substitute or complementary to the Mediterranean diet. We have seen hundreds of Japanese, Italian, new Korean restaurants parading through Barcelona, ​​the last to arrive have been Peruvians, but now they are Nordic.

And what do we have so much like your kitchen? Organic product, a very careful food origin, authentic flavor and minimalism in large scoops. This is Hëtta, the new opening of Tribu Woki, which will sound more for Barraca, Woki Organic Market, in Plaza Catalunya, or Organic Market .

With a young, dynamic team with long experience, Hëtta opens its doors in the Marimón Passage next to the Diagonal and Francesc Macià Square. A space to be inspired not only by its exquisite dishes, but by its high ceilings, natural light, garden, tables to share and an open kitchen to verify that everything that is cooked here is art.

Sit back and get comfortable, its offer of snack dishes invites you to experience and taste the different cooking points of Swedish cuisine . “Hëtta is a Swedish word that means heat. Here we play with the cooking points of each product ”, they explain to Traveler.es from the team.

El restaurante ha sido diseñado por Sandra Tarruella.

The restaurant has been designed by Sandra Tarruella. © Hëtta

A thermometer divides its fun letter in two, at the top you will find, for example, an artichoke stew with mushroom sponge and chard, in medium temperature, an oyster blown with squid ink or a asparagus risotto with asparagus crudité; and at the bottom, the raw, a classic beef tartare or a textured egg yolk with pistachio and beef jerky.

The menu changes every season with new products, so now you will find a lot of artichoke, asparagus, turnip … but who knows how it will be in a few months.

Empanadas de col rellenas de calabaza.

Cabbage patties stuffed with pumpkin. © Hëtta

The options are multiple, so do not fear vegetarians, their seasonal changes in the menu will make you enjoy the beautiful. "Nature rules here, " they tell us.

Their concern for the origin of each product is millimeter, so the meat is from Soler Capella, the wild fish is from Gran Blau, and the fruits and vegetables from orchards of the Prat del Llobregat, which they visit in person.

This gives even more sense to the goat cheese they bring from Sicily and that comes from a species currently in recovery, the Girgentana. And that accompanying a honey, fresh from a honeycomb, and wild strawberries, complete a simply delicious dessert.

Una cocina abierta y experimental.

An open and experimental kitchen. © Hëtta

The restaurant is led by chefs Olof Johansson, David Morera and Alberto Sambinelli, under the same philosophy of creative freedom and with a career in great restaurants such as Els tinars (with a Michelin star), Abac (three Michelin stars), Pakta (a Michelin star), Dos Palillos (a Michelin star), … So, watching them work while you eat their dishes is a luxury.


In Hëtta not only comes to eat, but to learn about gastronomy . If you like to cook and try different things, it is the perfect place for it. Their waiters or the chefs themselves will help you understand each dish, because dialogue is also part of their philosophy.

Su cocina es de temporada.

Its cuisine is seasonal. © Hëtta

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Passatge Marimon 5, Barcelona


93 252 95 94


Monday to Saturday, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Half price

€ 45 per person. Lunch menu: € 19.90