The ten frozen flavors of summer 2018


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The sunny days resist us, but the new and warm season is already in the letters of the ice cream parlors in Madrid, waiting to be able to refresh as soon as possible with their new and curious flavors. Do we go around?

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Sites in Madrid where to claim the snack


The newest comes from La Huerta de Almería (Calle Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 47), which is committed to natural nitro ice creams, that is, made with liquid nitrogen at -200 ° C. These are fruit flavors, made with natural products, some carry organic milk, none contain preservatives or additives.

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This is what is called the latest in Bico de Xeado (Calle Luchana, 3), the ice cream shop that only uses local products and fresh milk from its Miño farm. The Grué is an infusion of cocoa with chocolate chips and promises to become one of the essentials for chocolate addicts.

Bico de Xeado

Bico de Xeado © Xurxo Lobato / Bico de Xeado


With this name so suggestive, the Italian handmade ice cream parlor of Lavapiés, Sani Sapori (Calle Lavapiés, 31), has called its new infusion of orange, tangerine, apple, calendula petals and strawberry leaves . A true ode to the Mediterranean and its aromas.


Yes gentlemen, how could there not be an unicorn ice cream! The idea has occurred to Alma Obregón, the famous confectioner who owns Cookies & Dreams (Calle Fuencarral, 43), who proposes us a cookiehake (milkshake, cookie and toppings) of unicorn with ice cream .

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Only during the summer and for both guests and those who do not stay at the hotel, the Bar Eugenie of the Barceló Emperatriz hotel (Calle de López de Hoyos, 4) serves an artisan violet ice cream, the favorite flower of Eugenia de Montijo, the empress to whom the whole space is inspired, of marked classic style and decorated with violets.

Helado de violetas del Bar Eugenie del hotel Barceló Emperatriz

Violet ice cream from the Eugenie Bar © Hotel Barceló Emperatriz


The citrus flavors are undoubtedly the most refreshing and Mamá Elba (Calle Cea Bermúdez, 29 - Calle Ruda, 15), the ice cream parlor specializing in gluten-free and vegan ice cream, this year is committed to them. Among the novelties, we highlight that of Lemon with mint and ginger, that of Blood Orange, Mandarin with lemongrass or that of Lemon with basil.

Mamá Elba

With love of mother and gluten free © Mamá Elba


In Lolos Polos (Espiritu Santo Street, 16) they receive us with some tropical flavors, such as Coco Lima, Pineapple Papaya or Pink Mojito. As usual, all carry very little sugar, since they are prepared with ripe fruit and are suitable for vegans and coeliacs, in fact, none of them contain gluten .

Lolos Polos

Tropical flavors to refresh the palate © Lolos Polos


In Sherbet Gelateria Artigianale (Calle Santa Engracia, 55) the next summer season tastes like nuts and cocktails and proposes as suggestive flavors as Bitter Almond, Peanuts with caramel and dark chocolate, AperolSpritz and Gin-tonic, among others. In addition, we have good news for those who are worried about the bikini operation: all their ice cream has very little sugar.


According to Nordikos (Calle Pez, 2), the ice cream shop specializing in fruits and fruits from the North, summer 2018 tastes like sea ​​buckthorn (berry) with milk and dark chocolate or Arctic blackberry (berry) with artisan vanilla . And if you want to feel like Harry and Meghan for a day, try the Elderflower polo with lemon and dark chocolate; The newlyweds chose this flavor for their wedding cake!

Las paletas de Nordikos te esperan en la calle Pez

Nordikos pallets await you on Pez Street © Nordikos


From Zúccaru (Calle Vergara, 16), the Sicilian shop that revolutionized Madrid's last summer with its frozen brioche, they invite us to try one of the most famous flavors of Italy, such as amarena (cherries and cream), as well as others Innovative, among which we find Toffee with salt, Greek yogurt with sesame or Lemon, mint and ginger, with vegan recipe .


Perhaps the most amazing on the list? © Zúccaru

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Sites in Madrid where to claim the snack