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The island of the eternal blue magnifies its benefits out of season .

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Formentera by bicycle: an island on two wheels

What awaits you in Formentera ? Peace, calm, tranquility, pure nature, local cuisine and a blue that will be burned in your retinas.


Des-pa-ci-to . This is how the little Pitiusas live outside the summer months. Only accessible from the sea has lived and survived its years of history and inclemency.

The Greeks called it Ophiusa, the Romans Frumentaria, or wheat island, since it was one of the few things that could be cultivated in their arid lands. Later they called it the island of women, since the men there were forced to leave the island in search of a salary and bread to take home …

Be that as it may, setting foot in Formentera brings us into a state of stillness that we are little used to. And suddenly, the magic arises. White sand, transparent waters and an unforgettable turquoise blue thanks to the oceanic Posidonia and a beauty difficult to emulate.

Formentera en bicicleta

Formentera by bicycle, the best option and the best island to pedal © Getty Images

By bike, motorcycle or a Mehari, it is an island to travel from end to end discovering why its name is synonymous with calm.

Although Illetes beach is the one with the greatest reputation for always leading the rankings of the best in the country, Formentera hides in its kilometers of coastline, beaches and small coves.

It is convenient to get to know Migjorn beach and Es Pujols beach, as well as Cala Saona or places with a natural pool such as Caló d'es Mort.

If you are looking for enclaves with charm, you have to enjoy a sunset in Cap de Barbaria and approach the Pilar de la Mola, the other symbolic lighthouse of the island. Every Wednesday and Sunday between 4pm and 10pm, an artisan market with live music is organized.

Caló d'es Mort, Formentera

Caló d'es Mort, Formentera © Mateu Bennàssar / Formentera Tourism


On foot or by bike, it is the best way to get into the wild nature of Formentera. A small island yes, but did you know that its green roads add more than 100 kilometers to walk ? Most of them are also accessible by bicycle.

Approach any tourist office and get your guide to green routes. They have more than 30 itineraries that combine nature, sport, sights and points of interest.

Cueva cercana a Cap Barbaria

Cave near Cap Barbaria © Alamy


Formentera has the hotel beds counted. Really. No one can build new ones, but reform on what was already there. And there lies part of its charm, not being an island full of mega hotels, but rather, charming hotels.

Our favorites? The first, the Cala Saona hotel, which was completely renovated a couple of years ago, but its walls have history on the island for more than 60 years.

Now the symmetry, a palette of white and neutral colors, a swimming pool overlooking the turquoise blue cove and a spa, boast the best hotel in Formentera .

Cala Saona

Delicate, small and charming © Hotel Cala Saona

The second, Can Tres, which is not a hotel in itself, but a house with three apartments ( Can Mar - Can Terra - Can Aire ) that has reopened its doors completely renovated, also changing owners.

Can Tres has been the dream of three partners and friends in love with Formentera and with the desire to set up their own accommodation inside the island.

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Each apartment has a capacity of up to eight people, but you can also adapt the space to couples or smaller groups. All of them, designed and decorated by interior designer Paty Pombo and with furniture and decorative elements made ex professo for Can Tres, plants, terracotta colors and deco in boho chic key .

Empty your mobile and prepare your social networks. Every corner is dreamy and each one deserves a photo. In the common area you will find a swimming pool, garden meters and a gazebo where breakfast will be served.

Stay tuned for the news because by the summer of 2019, it will open the first five stars of the island in Es Pujols.

Can Tres

Perfect apartments for a trip with friends or family © Can Tres


Who did not echo that famous account of 300 euros in Juan and Andrea?

Every year we live moments in which the restaurants on the island become a trending topic because of their high prices. That is why we will discover landmarks of local and foreign cuisine, adapted to all budgets.

We start with Can Rafalet, an entire kitchen institution on the island, located in the small town of Es Caló de Sant Agustí and right on the sea. They are experts in rice, fish and seafood.

To open your mouth you can order a peasant salad, with peix sec, one of the most typical ingredients of the island and an octopus frità . Second, how does a fish and seafood fideuà or a fried Formentera lobster with garlic, potatoes and fried eggs sound ? To blessed glory.

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Next stop: the hotel restaurant Casbah. Located in the middle of Mitjorn beach and surrounded by pine trees and junipers, this little hotel hides one of the best restaurants on the island.

The kitchen by Martina C. Alonso, Galician by birth, proposes a letter on horseback between Mediterranean ingredients and winks to Galician cuisine .

If you have doubts about what to order, you will be right with the anchovies in butterfly with Cebreiro cheese and mango, the octopus braised with roasted garlic and potato aioli and the Iberian prey grilled with mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed spinach and pine nuts.

Restaurante del hotel Casbah

Galician spirit with Mediterranean ingredients © Casbah Hotel Restaurant

If you are looking for fashion sites, get to know Chezz Gerdi, an Italian at the end of the Es Pujols area . His van with the Formentera sign is the most photographed on the island and he practices Italian cuisine with a foundation.

In addition to having an oven for pizzas, they serve other essential dishes such as pasta buttons stuffed with gorgonzola, grapes, pine nuts and foie and a beef carpaccio with Idiazabal and pistachio, which they told us fell in love with Johnny Depp himself on his last visit.

For dessert you can't leave without trying the handmade ice cream cube 'do it yourself' . They will bring you plenty of ice cream, chocolate sauce, waffles and everything you need to prepare yours to taste.


In season the island is filled with the most extravagant yachts full of celebrities, footballers and Arab sheiks .

We propose you to enjoy the sea in a more traditional way, aboard a llaüt, a typical wooden boat of fishermen from the Balearic Islands. The company Sa Barca de Formentera has recovered these small boats to live the experience in a unique way.

Sunbathing, sailing to hidden places and even sleeping, because some of its llaüt are equipped with a cabin where you can rest, cook and, why not, wake up in the middle of the sea anchored in a lonely cove .

With the llaüt you can reach the paradise of the islet of S'Espalmador, only accessible from the sea. In addition, if you have the nautical title you can take it yourself, and if not, they also offer the option of hiring the services of an employer. Because, friends, everything is better from the sea.

Sa Barca de Formentera

Rent a typical boat, a llaüt, and disappear © Sa Barca de Formentera


Two wineries on an island of 83 square kilometers ? Yes, in Formentera it is possible.

The island has been producing wine since time immemorial, in addition to the particularity of being able to work with lost varietals in other areas, since the fearsome phylloxera plague that ended the strains of much of Spain and France did not reach the islands . Each winery is located at one end of the island.

The first, Cap de Barbaria, which produces four wines, a white 'Hippie' and three reds.

How is it possible that from a complicated terrain (sand, stones and limestone) and unfavorable climatic conditions (it barely rains and it is hot) comes tall wines? Well, believe us they get it.

Las bodegas existen en Formentera

The wineries exist in Formentera © Turismo de Formentera

Among the reds, it has Ophiusa and Cap de Barbaria, both from cavernet sauvignon, merlot, monastrell and fogoneu, a typical Balearic variety.

In addition, only with exceptional vintages they prepare Cap de Barbaria 24M, which they select from the best barrels and allow to age for 24 months to give rise to a complex, saline, different and very special wine. “The sea breeze, the poor land and the stone are the key to our wine, ” they comment.

For its part, the Terramoll winery, located in the Pilar de la Mola 200 meters above the sea, has three whites, two reds and a rosé, all of them with Mediterranean character and exceptional qualities.

Are you coming to the island of infinite blues?

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Formentera by bicycle: an island on two wheels