This is how to sleep in the first licensed capsule hotel in Hong Kong


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China has a problem with sleep, its population is the least sleeping in the world. If there is a global average of 7.14 hours, its index is at 6.58 hours. The city ​​of technology is one of the most populated in the world, with problems of housing, pollution, noise and light pollution .

De facto, it is 1, 000 times brighter than what international standards dictate. Here, seeing the stars is practically impossible. The amount of light in cities and the use of electrical devices affects the quality of our sleep, because our brain is activated with light. If there is light, there is no dream .

This coupled with the lifestyle, long working hours and homelessness has increased the demand for spaces where you can rest during the day . The nap in Hong Kong is not a pleasure, it is necessary if you want to attend all the events of the day, even the night ones.

Starting from the architectural concept originated in Japan in the 1970s, SLEEEP was born (with three is because it responds to everyone, everyday and everywhere), the first Hong Kong licensed capsule hotel created by Alex Kot and Jun Rivers, and winner of the Prize Design for Asia 2017 (Silver).

Cuentan con ocho SLpers o cápsulas Reserve

They have eight SLpers or capsules © SLEEEP

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Located in the center of Sheung Wan, a few minutes walk from the center and under a staircase, the SLpers (as they call them), adapt to an adult up to two meters high, do not work with a key but with QR ( we did not expect less from China), they are reserved for hours and online, they have circadian lighting and mattresses and pillows to everyone's taste.

But we go in parts …

Imagine that you are tired and need two hours of sleep because you have an afternoon of important commitments, you can book a capsule online at SLEEEP according to your needs, several hours or several nights.

"We have options ranging from 45 minutes to 14 days, which allows people from all walks of society to take a nap during the day or use us as a temporary shelter to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, " they say. .

Nunca imaginarías que este hotel estaría bajo una escalera.

You would never imagine that this hotel would be under a staircase. © SLEEEP

Circadian light allows you to mimic natural light or sunlight, so it can help you fall asleep or the opposite. The natural wood, used in the capsules, and the mattresses and pillows are designed to guarantee a quality sleep .

“We also offer Eco-down pillows, made with vegan synthetic fibers, thick or thin blankets; and custom mattress firmer or softer ”.

Un concepto sostenible y minimalista.

A sustainable and minimalist concept. © SLEEEP

Night reservations are usually for business travelers, groups of friends or people who are interested in the minimalist lifestyle, sustainability, design, technology and unique user experiences.

"We also have local citizens who work so far from home that sometimes they prefer to stay at SLEEEP when they are working late, " said Alex Kot and Jun Rivers, the creators of the hotel.

Rates range between 50 euros and 100 euros depending on the hours. For example, 45 minutes means about 10 euros, two hours, 20 euros, and 12 hours, about 50 euros a night.

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