Hard Rock Cafe celebrates its 47 years of life


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It was a special celebration. Not only because no one had to bring a gift, but the surprise was given to us by the birthday boy. As 47 years are not met every day, and even less so well managed, Hard Rock Cafe commemorated his birth by offering his iconic Legendary Burger for 71 cents.

Yes, you read that right, there is no trick. Why 71 cents? In honor of the year in which the restaurant was founded and at the approximate price of the original Legendary Burger . On June 14, 1971, this succulent hamburger was cooked for the first time.

¡La Original Legendary Burger a 71 céntimos!

The Original Legendary Burger at 71 cents! © Silvia Tortajada


The Original Legendary Burger is one of those dishes that when served (against all odds) does justice to what your photo promises in the letter. Of those you feel sorry for taking the first bite.

Behind its perfect presentation and exquisite taste there is nothing more and nothing less than 40 chefs. Half of them are responsible for making sauces and other homemade ingredients, and the rest are in charge of the stove.

La perfección hecha hamburguesa

Perfection made hamburger © Silvia Tortajada

But what makes it so addictive? “ Grilled beef, toasted brioche bread, crispy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and a huge onion ring that we make. We cut the slices and breaded them every day. Accompanied by a homemade chipotle aioli sauce and seasoned fries. She is the most successful ”, reveals Luciano Leonardi, chef of Hard Rock Cafe Madrid, to Traveler.es.

¿El secreto? Ingredientes de primera calidad y mucha dedicación

The secret? Top quality ingredients and a lot of dedication © Silvia Tortajada


Two pleasures united under one roof. We could baptize it as the temple of rock music and carnal bane among breads. But every title has a story that justifies its reason for being. It all goes back to 1971, when two Americans, Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, decided to set up an authentic American food restaurant in London, where they lived.

The first contributed the hippie vein, with the motto "we are all equal" by flag, while the other took advantage of his gift for business. Both gathered their talent to turn a former Rolls Royce dealership into what would be the first Hard Rock Cafe.

Mick Jagger y Eric Clapton en el Hard Rock Cafe de Londres, 1986

Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton at the Hard Rock Cafe in London, 1986 © Getty Images

We are fortunate to speak with Sita Bello, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager of Hard Rock Cafe Madrid, who, after 13 years working in the company, tells us in detail the origins of the company. " His logo was created by Alan Aldridge, a famous British illustrator who had designed album covers for artists such as The Beatles ."

The word spread through the city and musicians like Eric Clapton or Pete Townshend of The Who wanted to taste the delicious hamburgers. They became regular customers, so Clapton asked to have a table reserved for him.

But preferential treatment has never been part of the philosophy of this company, so, as a compensation, he suggested that his guitar be hung from the wall . And that of his friend Pete Townshend was not going to be less.

Traje del cantante Richard Street, Hard Rock Cafe Madrid

Costume of singer Richard Street, Hard Rock Cafe Madrid © Silvia Tortajada

This is how important things begin, with small steps: the collection of relics has reached 81, 000 pieces, which rotate, approximately every eight years, through the 180 stores in the chain. The showcases keep, through these symbolic objects, the essence of numerous rock stars.

We can find from the original manuscript of 'Imagine', from the handwriting of John Lennon (the most valuable piece of the collection, which was for years at the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid), to Elvis Presley's costume, passing through Harley-Davidson de Bono, vocalist of U2.

Music unites a lot, it is a universal language : it does not understand races or social or economic status. And that's wonderful, ”says Sita Bello to Traveler.es . And what a reason.

Guitarra de Tom Hamilton, bajista de Aerosmith, Hard Rock Cafe Madrid

Tom Hamilton guitar, Aerosmith bassist, Hard Rock Cafe Madrid © Silvia Tortajada


A restaurant dedicated to rock and roll had to have an opening at its height, and that's how it happened: singer and guitarist Chuck Berry inaugurated the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid.

Since then he has not stopped receiving visits from celebrities . Both from the music scene, as the popular Red Hot Chili Peppers, who chose this place to watch an NBA game; the legendary rock band Kiss; Anastacia, Juanes, Luis Fonsi … as well as other disciplines, such as athletes.

De izq. a dcha.: el actor Dan Aykroyd con Isaac Tigrett, fundador del primer Hard Rock Cafe

From left right: actor Dan Aykroyd with Isaac Tigrett, founder of the first Hard Rock Cafe © Getty Images

David Beckham, when he played at Real Madrid, was a client who used to come every month. Before leaving the capital, he came to say goodbye to all the Hard Rock Cafe staff . A wonderful customer that we have had for many years, ” confesses Sita Bello, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager of Hard Rock Cafe Madrid.

“I'm going to tell you an anecdote: when the current king of Spain was still a prince he came here with his escorts. I wait his turn and he sat at a normal table, like the rest of customers. After dinner, when he went to pay the bill by card, he was asked for his ID! ”, Confesses Sita Bello with laughter.

“After a few years he came back, so it seems he took it well. No matter who you are , everyone here is the same, that's the philosophy of Hard Rock, ”he adds.

On the other hand, the success of the iconic Hard Rock Cafe shirt did not fall within the plans. Everything came about when the company sponsored a London soccer team . The remaining shirts were given to regular customers.

Something as simple as a white garment with the brand logo caused so much fury that a stand dedicated to the sale of these shirts had to be created .

La famosa guitarra de Pete Townshend, la segunda reliquia del Hard Rock Cafe

The famous guitar of Pete Townshend, the second relic of the Hard Rock Cafe © Getty Images


The kick-off was given by Paul McCartney & Wings, when he starred in a concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in London, prior to his tour of the United Kingdom, in 1973 . Since then they have not stopped.

“There are many events here. And, above all, live music, which is scheduled on Thursdays . Hard Rock has a soul of rock and roll and almost everything we do is linked to music. We are an international rock museum. We have more than 81, 000 pieces, which makes it the largest private collection of this kind in the world, ” Sita Bello tells Traveler.es.

Suzanne Vega durante un concierto benéfico en el Hard Rock Cafe Madrid

Suzanne Vega during a charity concert at Hard Rock Cafe Madrid © Getty Images

“Films are also made of video clips of bands that are not super known, but already have an interesting background. As many artists come through here during the tours, such as Robe de Extremoduro, which I confess to being a fan, ”continues the Senior Sales & Marketing Manager of Hard Rock Cafe Madrid.

“We have a music aid program, called 'Music Rocks', so that all bands can play live, present their work, their new releases… Hard Rock puts the space, for free, and they sell their tickets and keep 100% of the ticketing, ”he says.

In turn, Hard Rock Cafe raises funds for charitable projects through concerts. “We are fortunate that artists, both national and international, participate in these activities.

For example, we collaborate with festivals such as the Huercasa Country Festival, which is celebrated in Segovia, or the great Sziget Festival in Budapest. The artists during the tour pass through here, ” concludes Sita Bello.