Now yes: there will be free Interrail for Europeans who turn 18


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YES. The 'panacea' is real: the European Parliament announces its 'Discover the EU' program, for which 15, 000 Interrail tickets will be given to European citizens (of these, 1, 300 will be lucky Spanish, that is, 9.09% of the banknotes) that turn 18 before July 1 of this year.

The measure is, in addition to a generous gift for the newly released of age, an extreme defense of the European trend. Will it make us more Europeans travel for free for a month in four countries of the Old Continent?

New generations of travelers are in luck: they can enjoy a trip in Interrail without worrying about its cost . This unexpected birthday gift is based on a proposal launched by the European People's Group (PPE) in 2016 before the European Chamber in a show of fighting the rise of anti-Europeanism in the minds of the youngest, of those who are coming of age and right to vote.

El interrail como forma de acortar distancias

The interrail as a way of shortening distances © Alamy


The admission period is now open (from today at 12.00 pm and up to two weeks) through the European Youth Portal .

On this website you must fill in the form and complete the five-question questionnaire, all of them will be about initiatives of the European Union and about the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The sixth question is the decisive question, which will serve to 'unpack', since the first five are expected to be answered correctly by the majority of the participants.

You can also participate alone or in groups of up to five partners.

To participate, you must have been born between July 2, 1999 and July 1, 2000, have European nationality and have your ID or passport.

You can travel on the dates you want from July 9 to September 30, in a period of one to thirty days and visiting between one and four different countries to your country of origin of the European Union and, "be willing to be part of the great family of ambassadors of the European Union ", as the press release of the European Parliament says.

Mayoría de edad como forma de viajar gratis por Europa

Coming of age as a way to travel for free in Europe © Alamy

This is the initiative with which the leader of the EPP, the German Manfred Weber, aims to eliminate distances (not borders) in a text that read: "Populisms and misinformation threaten Europe. Young people have a key role to act as a counterweight and the EU must allow them to discover who their neighbors are and what opportunities other member states offer "(source: El País).

"There are currently a total of 300, 000 Europeans who use it a year, " said Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport when introducing the issue in the European Parliament debate on this initiative in October 2016. "A beautiful and captivating proposal, " he concluded Luigi Morgano, deputy of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, at the proposal of Manfred Weber.

Traveling as a way to wash your face in the face of otherness, the different, the strange; as a measure of knowing, exploring, opening minds … And not as populism that fights another populism. We will get it?


Currently, to travel in Interrail you can choose between the 31 types of Country Pass and get to know in depth countries like Italy (from 92 euros valid for one month) or Germany (from € 166); or the Global Pass, which will allow you to travel through 30 countries with a single ticket (between 5 and 15 days, € 208 and traveling a continuous month, from € 510).