Gotzon Mantuliz, an adventurer of the 21st century


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Wild environments are an obsession for Gotzon Mantuliz, presenter and collaborator of the Basque regional chain EITB, who from a very young age did nothing but watch photos and documentaries of animals in freedom. A passion for nature and adventure now moves her world and shares with almost 200, 000 followers on Instagram; also with lovers of the Corona Beer brand, of which he is ambassador.

"Corona was one of the first brands to be fixed on me and wanted to add a little to my crazy adventure ideas. Thus was born a very cool travel project called Natural BackPacker with which we intend to make known small corners of the world that still remain virgins with the idea of showing the danger they are some of the animal species, "says Gotzon me during the inauguration of the new Casa Corona in Madrid will remain open until 4 August.

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There are two episodes shot to date, one on the island of Mafia, in Tanzania, and the other on Margarita Peak, the third highest in Africa, right on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. None exceeds the minute editing, but if you look closely, you will discover in the face of Gotzon the intensity and excitement experienced during the recording, made in both cases by his friend and producer Ara Jesus.

Gotzon Mantuliz, en el Parque Nacional Queen Elisabeth de Uganda durante la grabación del proyecto Natural Backpacker.

Gotzon mantuliz in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda during the recording of the Natural Backpacker project. © Gotzon Mantuliz


Transparent look through the iris blue of Gotzon one is able to see its firm commitment to the world animal. When he narrates his adventures for the "soul of Africa" - either by abandoning his nursing profession to practice as a travel guide in Zambia or, more recently, with the initiative developed alongside Corona - the Basque only uses positive, affectionate and positive words. hopeful

"The most important thing about the Natural BackPacker project is to give visibility to an animal that is in serious danger of extinction. Whether it's the whale shark that appears for a few months on the Mafia island peninsula, a majestic animal with which you establish a link when swimming so close to him, or the incredible mountain gorilla of Uganda, who are lurking in dangers such as poaching or epidemics, "Gotzon explains to me with the illusion of who feels part of the wild life show in freedom .

Gotzon nadando junto a un tiburón ballena en la isla de Mafia, frente a Zanzíbar, en Tanzania.

Gotzon swimming alongside a whale shark on the island of Mafia, against Zanzibar in Tanzania. © Gotzon Mantuliz


Gotzon confesses to me that the trip to Uganda to record the second episode of Natural BackPacker has been the most powerful of his life, and that is a lot to say when the one who affirms it has won the fifth edition of one of the most survival programs ends of the world: the conqueror of the world order, issued in EITB.

"To get to the top of the peak - where the effort is much more technical, with ice climbing - you must first cross a dense jungle, and you must carry with you everything that you will need during the six days of the journey. a being a natural park can not cut trees, you have to bring your own firewood, food and your climbing equipment, "says the young adventurer me.

Gotzon Mantuliz escalando el pico Margarita, en la cordillera africana de Rwenzori.

Gotzon mantuliz climbing the peak Margarita, in the African Rwenzori mountain range. © Gotzon Mantuliz

However, it was the contact with the mountain gorilla that lives in the triangle formed between Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo that most excited Gotzon: "Gorillas surround you and you really feel part of that, even when the imposing Silver back, which weighs 300 kilos, is responsible for marking the territory to show who is in charge. It is true that being next to the rangers, who remain calm, gives you some security, but still impresses and scares alike. "

He also did a safari Queen Elizabeth National Park where he remained fascinated with peculiar skill acquired by lions, who have learned to climb trees.

Gotzon durante la travesía de seis días necesaria para alcanzar la cima del pico Margarita, en Uganda.

Gotzon during the six-day journey needed to reach the top of the peak Margarita in Uganda. © Gotzon Mantuliz


Win the survival reallity The conqueror of the end of the world, far from betting on a victorious speech in Gotzon's message, what he has done is to make him aware of how privileged it was to be able to participate in what was the fifth edition of the program, recorded in Argentine Patagonia

"The first part took place near Bariloche, then the unification was in the Perito Moreno, where I was lucky to be able to do rafting, climbing, zip line and ice races in an area restricted to tourists. We slept in front of the glacier and through night we could hear the crackle of the ice and how small fragments fell off. the light of dawn reflected on the ice is spectacular, "recalls Gotzon.

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The final was in Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world, and reminds the Basque to get there and was a prize for him. Gotzon but did not stay there, their vital concern and spectacular fitness helped him be the first to reach San Juan Lighthouse Rescue, in Tierra del Fuego, the objective of the final test.

Gotzon Mantuliz disfruta de su día a día junto a Noa en las playas de Vizcaya.

Gotzon mantuliz enjoy your day to day with Noa on the beaches of Biscay. © Gotzon Mantuliz

Of course, not before swimming to the island among penguins, paddling accompanied by sea lions and running many, but many kilometers to touch the Lighthouse of the End of the World that served as inspiration to Jules Verne and whose access is prohibited in normal conditions which is in the middle of an ecological reserve.

So the next time you wonder how the adventurer of the 21st century is, you just have to think about Gotzon Mantuliz, a bold 29-year-old young man who enjoys his day-to-day life with his dog Noa on the Biscayan beaches of Barrika, that he practices crossfit and yoga to be fit, that he accepts challenges and projects in the confines of the world just for making known the dangers that lurk wild animals and that he keeps his feet on the ground for more than in his Instragram profile. always see flying through the air half somersault that both amuses and characterized.

Gotzon durante la entrevista en la Casa Corona de Madrid, ubicada este año en la Fundación José Ortega y Gasset.

Gotzon during the interview at the Crown Casa de Madrid, located this year at the Foundation José Ortega y Gasset. © Corona Beer