The best restaurants in the province of Toledo


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El Bohío (Avda. De Castilla-La Mancha, 81 tel. 925 51 11 26) $$$$

The television Pepe Rodríguez (Master Chef) does not need many presentations. Its restaurant is one of the great national classics of product cooking. Flavors of always, but updated.

Pepe proudly recognizes that his mentor is Martín Berasategui. At his side he learned the basics of haute cuisine. But the interesting thing is that he has moved the concept to his hometown (Illescas), transforming it from his own values.

Today he is known beyond this land for his authenticity, for the intense sensations he causes and for an exceptional room service, commanded by Diego Rodríguez, his brother.

Los mejores restaurantes de la provincia de Toledo

Tastes of always, but updated © Restaurante El Bohio (Facebook)

The tasting menu (€ 115) is the best way to get into this experience, with dishes such as Manchego ratatouille made with embers; mushroom stew with sweet black pudding and potatoes; pickled partridge, foie gras and his chocolate; cream ice cream, chocolate, vinegar and coffee.

As striking as the “eat” card, it is “the drink”, with the brilliant selection of José C. de la Fuente.


Palio (Mayor, 12 tel. 925 13 00 45) $$

Regional product cuisine in a place that boasts its unconditional clients. Pay special attention to the chapter of breads and other baked goods.

Those of us who love cooking always say that our country has lost many integers with this general lack of concern about the quality of bread. Well, this restaurant, with Jesús Monedero in front, tries to reverse the trend, betting on a return to this product, made from quality flours.

To accompany the bread, dishes such as yolk ravioli, lamb cheeks with cumin and insides or the loin of orza with asadillo.

As a party, then you have to take a walk through the Plaza Mayor of this town, a little known beauty.

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Adolfo (Palo Man, 7 tel. 925 22 73 21) $$$$

This is the temple of the great master of La Mancha high cuisine: Adolfo Muñoz who, from here, has created a great gastronomic emporium and one of the best schools in the country.

The place, in the historic center, maintains the values ​​with which it was created decades ago and has given it deserved fame: product, quality and a very personal touch.

Only by opening the letter one already knows that here you will enjoy one of the best gastronomic experiences of your life with dishes such as celery cream and caviar from Riofrío; stewed mushrooms, truffled potato, poached egg and crunchy Iberian; hake loin and vegetable salad cream; red partridge of Toledo, six aromas and textures; or jar and baby lamb with wasabi and jalapeño pepper.

If you have trouble choosing, opt for the Chef Menu, € 76, with the best of this house.

Pins 24 (Pins, 24 tel. 925 23 96 25) €€€

Current cuisine focused on the product and inspired by the regional recipe book. The place, a 14th-century Castilian house, is a labyrinthine experience.

Following the trail of Adolfo Muñoz, many restaurants have learned the lesson: in one of the most visited cities in Spain you can offer national cuisine, but you have to give it a twist. Alfileritos 24 is one of them and, in addition, they have done it very well. The building where it is located is already worth the visit.

Los mejores restaurantes de la provincia de Toledo

Current cuisine inspired by the regional recipe book © Alfileritos 24 (Facebook)

But it is also that in his letter there are irresistible delights: such as poultry eggs with boletus and truffled potatoes; tempura lemon fish sushi, with avocado, chili, bimi and soy sauce and lime; suckling pig with sweet crumbs or Manchego custard with passion fruit stew and thyme ice cream. It is not always easy to find a table, but there is the option of tapas in the own tavern.

Ace of Spades (Paseo de la Rosa, 64 tel. 925 21 27 07) €€

Menu based on tradition, predominantly meat, in a modern place.

The head of this restaurant, Iván Cerdeño and his wife, Anika, are part of that culinary revolution that has been going on for years in the Castilian-Roman capital. Also in front of El Carmen de Montesión (which we talk about later) they splurge a great taste for (good) classic products made with a new style.

Among the proposals, the foie to Pedro Ximénza, the homemade croquettes, the cod with the pilpil, the oxtail and, of course (being where we are), the partridge to the Toledo. Do not go over with the main dishes: the dessert chapter is delicious.

Los mejores restaurantes de la provincia de Toledo

This is what has always been known as a food house © Edemecum Restaurante (Facebook)

Edemecum (Nuñez de Arce, 11 tel. 925 28 14 43) €€

This is what has always been known as a food house. But go meals! Regional recipes and very authentic flavors.

Pedro Fernández is clear about what diners come here: to enjoy the regional recipe book. And, for this, he always chooses the best product on the market to prepare with him such recognizable (and definitive) dishes as the village ratatouille with fried egg, the Castilian soup, the montero deer loin in marinade, the partridge of shot or the roasted pork shoulder in stone oven.

The feast culminates with a delight for which some space in the stomach should be reserved: the marzipan pie and yolk.

Ludeña (Plaza Magdalena, 10 tel. 925 22 33 84) $$$

Regional cuisine A bar well known for its carcamusas (pork and vegetable lean stew).

Traditional-looking tavern distributed in several rooms where stone and wood abound and where, separate carcamusas (a cover that has become an institution in many other Toledo bars), quail, stewed partridges and other meat and fish are served with Product quality as the main claim. Both the menu of the day and the tasting have 16 dishes to choose from.


Land. Hotel Valdepalacios (Ctra. De Oropesa to Archbishop's Bridge, km 9 tel. 925 45 75 34) $$$$$

Contemporary kitchen. Current winks in a firm proposal that adapts to the territory and its pantry.

José Carlos Fuentes, who was named Cook of the Year 2010, arrived at the restaurant of this impressive 5-star hotel GL to provide proven experience and solvency to a kitchen that looks at the environment, which is in the garden, in the game and in the pantry local its main arguments but that does not give up the high school doses that the location suggests.

Among the extensive menu it is difficult to choose, but we dare with the torcaz, potato parmentier and wine sauce; zorzales with centuries-old roots and Perigueux sauce; Wild pigeon and oyster tartar Gillardeau. It is best to get carried away by intuition.

It has a short menu and a tasting menu (€ 115) with a shorter version.


El Carmen de Montesión (Montesión, 107 tel. 925 22 36 74) $$$$

Memory cuisine (Spanish and Spanish) that gives a vital importance to the seasonal product. Anika and her husband Ivan have brought good winds to the gastronomic offer of the regional capital.

In this restaurant they offer flavors of always but with presentations and new travel companions that enhance the main product. For example, a Mocejón corn juice cold starter; followed by veal gizzards or game meat dishes in season.

If the weather is good, choose the terrace, with stunning views of the Imperial City.

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

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