Six fairytale villages to discover the Black Forest


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Once upon a time in a secluded place in Germany called the Black Forest or Schwarzwald … So start a romantic story in this green, idyllic place and who knows if not delighted, does not it seem?

A route that leads us to dream of magical towns, witches, fairies, mysterious caves and labyrinthine forests, in fact, it was here where the stories of the Grimm brothers were born: Hänsel and Gretel, Pulgarcito, Snow White … These fables lead us to discover a summer from here you want more green than blue.


The first question has a clear answer: the Black Forest is not a jungle, it is a mountainous massif in the Baden-Württemberg region, founded 130 years ago, which occupies 11, 400 square kilometers in the southwest of Germany, which reaches the Rhine, and that borders Switzerland and France . There are two versions for the origin of its name: one that says it is due to its blanket of dark firs and, another, the one that gains more strength, is that the Romans named it that way because of the depth and darkness of their forests.

The most romantic Germany begins in Baden-Baden, the elegant and unique city that you will find in this guide and which, together with Freiburg, is one of the most touristic. It is the metropolis of spas, culture and art, and what was the tourist city of the German bourgeoisie .

Here you will find many incentives among them: the Festspielhaus, the second largest concert and opera room in Europe, the Frieder Burda Museum, built by the star architect of New York, Richard Meier, and the crown jewel, Lichtentaler Allee, a splendid area of ​​parks and gardens.

Triberg, el pueblo de los relojes de cuco.

Triberg, the town of cuckoo clocks. © Getty Images


Cuckoo! If you had a cuckoo clock when you were little, it was possibly inspired by the people of Triberg, if it didn't come from there.

In Triberg you will find the most important Clock House in Germany, Eble Clock Park with more than 1, 000 ancient treasures, the Black Forest Museum, the highest waterfall in Germany … And finally, its 1700 church, a pilgrimage pass in Germany for connoisseurs in the Baroque.


Gengenbach © Alamy


If your heart is robbed of something for a reason, the Black Forest is for towns like this. Its main square, the town hall of more than 200 years old with a facade that mimics an advent calendar, the old town, and the stone knight or "Steinerne Ritter" in the market, gives us clues as to why it is one of the favorites of this route.

Without overlooking the Kinzing Tower, the entrance door of Gengenbach . Come in and see!


Laufenburg © Getty Images


This picturesque town on the banks of the Rhine is one of the most popular in the Black Forest, especially because of the bridge that connects both cities, although in reality it is the same. The history of the so-called "pearl of the High Rhine" has always been accompanied by disputes between France, Switzerland and Germany to conquer it. In fact it was separated on both sides by Napoleon himself.

The magic of its cobbled alleys, its towers, the fountains and the ruins of what was once Laufenburg Castle will captivate you.

¿Las historias de brujas nacieron en Schiltach?

Were the stories of witches born in Schiltach? © Getty Images


If you were looking for the half-timbered houses typical of the illustrated books, this is where you can find them. In Städtle, its medieval old town, you will find numerous dating from the 16th and 19th centuries.

Here you will also find the Adler inn (now converted into a hotel) which is considered the most beautiful half-timbered house in Schiltach. Also, restored after a fire, the 1590 market is its main tourist meeting point, and that is where you will find the best of local culture and crafts.

Sasbachwalden, el pueblo más bonito de la Selva Negra.

Sasbachwalden, the most beautiful village in the Black Forest. © Getty Images


Among vineyards you will find Sasbachwalden, which for the Germans is the prettiest town in the Black Forest . The center, its wooden houses, its colorful gardens have been awarded numerous times.

You can not miss on your road map its water mills, the Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit pilgrimage church, the Hohenrode castle … Without a doubt, Sasbachwalden is a fairytale trip !