Anthony Bourdain: the last great gourmet


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My life as I know it now would not exist without the man who has just renounced his. Multiply me by several thousand and you will find the result of the lives that Anthony Bourdain touched and marked.

Now, we can only honor him traveling, testing, taking the roads less traveled, looking for and telling the stories behind each bite. It's the least we can do … it 's the only thing we can do.

How easy it would be to overcome the news of the death of Anthony Bourdain, writer and chef ("I am the chef's Charles Wepner, " he joked when people approached him as chef), denying everything and moving on with our lives as if Nothing would have happened. But it has happened and it is incredible that it has . Without more and in a moment, it has disappeared from our lives.

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With his departure, Bourdain has left an entourage of millions of followers orphaned and a huge void in hearts so open to love him that it is impossible to think that his time on this earth has ended. In fact, that is what made the French-born New Yorker so wonderful: his power to capture people's attention and to penetrate deeply into his convictions .

It was a symbol of worship in the world of gastronomy, earning the position based on telling the truth in an era in which absolutely nobody saw or saw the need to tell it.

His power was to show absolute truths of the hospitality industry (hence the first essay he published in The New Yorker and then became his first bestseller), and to be the showcase of an infinity of cultures different from his, located miles away, presenting them to the eyes of spectators who, seeing them told by him, were able to identify with them .

And all from respect, from the need for people to understand each other and with an illusion as a result of the kindness of those who opened the doors of their homes, restaurants and their inner world.

Never before has anyone been able to have the power that Anthony Bourdain achieved over the years and it is easy to dare to say that it leaves a huge void in the world of gastronomy that absolutely no one will be able to cover.

No one, to this day, has had so much influence to make an entire planet mobilize to discover, traveling, street markets, dishes never seen before, unknown traditions and routes that he, with the help of friends and experts, made, saw, toured and lived with such intensity.

Think about it, who is going to do it now? It has no competition, it has no successor and poor one who dares to try in the near future. Travelers abound, television programs are over and chefs who do both have been seen a dozen times. But nobody like him: revealer of the absolute truth .

His fans are left with no one to admire in a gastronomic landscape that, without him, makes much less sense and emotion.

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But the memory is the only thing we have left and what better way to remember it in his honor, live it as a tribute and never forget the places he discovered.

Personally, my travel guide was his word . Each of them was governed by their routes, an explicit review of Parts Unknown, The Layover and No Reservations .

I ignored churches and monuments to see them on their way to a restaurant or bar at their recommendation. I discovered that In N Out hamburgers are the best on this planet, I stepped on Haizea in San Sebastian for the first time because it was there where he ate with Arzak a succulent brick cod.

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Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam with Barack Obama © CNN

I dragged my husband from one end to the other in San Francisco to eat at a Korean restaurant where he ate with chef Chris Cosentino . There I tried the kimchi for the first time. This is how I also discovered Swan Oyster Bar, a seafood kingdom that has become my reliable seafood barometer. With him began my obsession with the entrepreneur and writer Eddie Huang, another defender of diversity with food as a flag, shield and weapon.

It is a great sadness to think that, from now on, I am alone in my adventure. And that from now on, he will not be there to set the pace for us in a world where everyone seems to have lost him.

Until forever, Bourdain, we will miss you.

Anthony Bourdain, 1956-2018

Anthony Bourdain, 1956-2018 © Cordon Press