The perfect dream exists and can be achieved in a Madrid hotel


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How is a perfect night's sleep in a hotel? No, do not think that is the one in which you lie for hours and hours in bed. "It is not a question of quantity but of quality", reminds us of Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, an expert in sleep and well-being, who collaborates with Meliá Hotels & Resorts to create a specific program with which to help Meliá Madrid Serrano guests, as well like other hotels in the chain, to rest and relax optimally.

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Reaching a pure dream is easier in the Meliá Madrid Serrano

"You can feel, without even turning on the light, the love, care and passion of a place, you can feel your soul, even before your five senses can perceive what is happening around you, you can feel it in your heart, you can feel it in your stomach, you can feel it in your body, "explains the doctor, who has been studying the functioning of the brain and sleep for more than 20 years.

What Dr. Ramlakhan tells us is something that already happens naturally in the hotels of the Spanish hotel company. Soul Matters of Meliá Hotels & Resorts is doing things with such care and passion that the soul of things awakens. The soul of those sheets of thread placed with care in the early hours of the morning and chosen in a conscientious way, of that perfume that floods everything and receives you with indescribable sensations and memories, of that dish that you eat with views of the sea and that notes that was cooked with great care …


Now Meliá Hoteles & Resorts has wanted to go one step further and has designed the Sleep Haven Suite in The Level area of ​​the Meliá Madrid Serrano , where thanks to the deep knowledge of Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan the guest will feel the soul of all that that surrounds you, which will help you enjoy a night of pure sleep, which is the right way to sleep, as described: "The dream is intelligently designed so that we can replenish and restore the body at all levels, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually; also to repair the brain. "

The Sleep Haven experience begins long before check-in at the hotel, with a questionnaire asking the guest about their lifestyle and sleep routines. Because articulating a personalized program like the one offered by Meliá Hotels & Resorts requires a lot of prior information with which to address different aspects of the person to be treated.

In total there are five elements to which special attention should be paid, as the doctor has confirmed after two decades of trying to alter sleep patterns. She calls them "the five non-negotiable": nutrition, caffeine intake, hydration, relationship with technology and relationship with bedtime.



- Non-negotiable 1: have breakfast about 30-45 minutes after waking up. It will help you create more melatonin and sleep better.

- Non-negotiable 2: Drink at least two liters of water a day, preferably alkaline, to avoid the dehydration that many suffer without realizing it.

- Non-negotiable 3: reduce your level of caffeine to the maximum, because in addition to being harmful to sleep it is directly related to various health risks.

- Non-negotiable 4: disconnect from technology one hour before getting into bed. Our energy works in cycles of 60-90 minutes and the cycle before bedtime is key to rest. A good trick is to use the basket to deposit the technological devices away from the bed offered by Meliá Hotels & Resorts.

- Non-negotiable 5: Lie down before midnight at least four times a week. The best quality sleep is obtained between 10 at night and 5 in the morning, so if you go to bed late much of your sleep will not be so restorative.


Already in the Sleep Haven Suite in The Level area of ​​the Madrid hotel continue the guidelines to achieve a restful sleep that night. The guest will find a copy of Nerina Ramlakhan's Fast Asleep Wide Awake book, as well as a welcome letter from the doctor with advice on food, exercises and yoga, proper suite temperature, technology usage standards, the proper way of showering and other initiatives related to personal well-being during the stay that will also turn the suite into a happy and safe space.

"When we feel safe we ​​sleep. Some people may have problems at bedtime even in a good hotel, so my collaboration with Meliá Hotels & Resorts is aimed at creating a home away from home. A sanctuary for travelers and entrepreneurs can enter the suite and feel that they are in a safe and deeply relaxing place, and thus feel at home, "says the world-renowned specialist.

Alcanzar el sueño reparador depende de muchos factores, entre los que se encuentra la alimentación, el ejercicio o un uso adecuado de las tecnologías.

Achieving restful sleep depends on many factors, including food, exercise or proper use of technologies. © Meliá Hotels & Resorts


A member of the hotel team, specifically trained to develop the Sleep Haven wellness program, will supervise the guest's sleep experience: preparing a bath at the end of the day, serving hot drinks before bedtime and providing a Sleep Haven box with items that you can take with you to continue the routines at home: a sleep mask, earplugs, a lavender mist to vaporize on the pillow, Epsom bath salts, relaxing tea bags …

A service that may seem very functional, but that is much more than that. Soul Matters is when the Concierge Sleep Haven lovingly prepares the bath water and adds bath salts, when he politely invites to deposit the technological devices away from the bed or when he is interested in proposing different massages or yoga classes to enjoy in the hotel.

"There is always an interaction with everything that surrounds us. When someone prepares and transmits that passion, inspiration and joy through the services offered directly causes an impact on those who come into contact with that service. It is almost like the beginning of Newton in that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. What we contribute is directly what is received, "concludes Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan.

Suite Sleep Haven, del Meliá Madrid Serrano, preparada para alcanzar el sueño puro. Reserve

Sleep Haven Suite, by Meliá Madrid Serrano, ready to achieve pure sleep. © Meliá Hotels & Resorts

Live it now


Located in the most exclusive neighborhood of Madrid, the one in Salamanca, the Meliá Madrid Serrano hotel is the perfect starting point to explore the city: from shopping in the nearby streets to visiting the important museums that the city boasts.

But if, in addition to that, you want to live an authentic exclusive experience, in its The Level area, located on the seventh floor of the building, you will enjoy unique and personalized attention and differentiated services, such as access to the private terrace and to The Level Lounge, all day assortment of premium drinks and snacks.

In The Level rooms, everything is designed to elevate and make your stay more pleasant: Loewe brand amenities, a meticulous welcome, a turndown service, a Nespresso coffee machine, DreaMax mattresses designed exclusively for Meliá Hotels & Resorts … Careful attention that they awaken the soul of the things that surround the guest and that propitiate the ideal environment so that this falls without resistance in the arms of Morpheus.

Los huéspedes de la zona The Level del Meliá Madrid Serrano tendrás acceso exclusivo a su terraza.

Guests of the Meliá Madrid Serrano The Level area will have exclusive access to their terrace. © Meliá Hotels & Resorts

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Reaching a pure dream is easier in the Meliá Madrid Serrano