Four essential restaurants in the province of Ciudad Real


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Asador San Huberto (Montiel, s / n tel. 926 92 35 35) $$$

Traditional seasonal cuisine. With such a name there can be no surprises in the menu: here the product is sublimated in a classic and elegant atmosphere.

Those who arrive at this restaurant leave with the feeling that no one has tried to deceive them. We explain ourselves: despite some winks of fusion and creative cuisine, this is a temple of the (good) product. Meats prevail (lamb, piglet, ox …), made on the grill. But the list of quality seafood and fish is, more than an anecdote, a reason for pilgrimage.

With more than 200 references in the winery, this is perhaps one of the best places to discover that good wines are also produced in La Mancha.

Miami Gastro (Avda. Rey Santo, 3 tel. 926 92 19 43) $$

Traditional cuisine with a diverse and eclectic menu, a place that confuses its functional and futuristic appearance.

The best thing about Miami Gastro is that it is one of those places always open and for all types of public: from breakfast to dinner; from some creative appetizer skewers, a good Pepe Macías corns or some Carril clams, through rations to share as their candied artichokes with shoulder blades or the gratin txangurro. Attention to their Iberian dishes and gourmet cheeses.


El Bodegón (Luchana, 20 tel. 926 85 26 52) $$$

The name refers to the underground cellar, excavated in the rock there by the thirteenth century, where the great treasure of the place is preserved: its extensive selection of wines. Ramón Sánchez Camacho, president of the Association of Sommeliers of Castilla-La Mancha, is in charge of them, a guarantee.

At the head of the stove is his brother, Rubén, architect of a traditional kitchen with the best product. Here confit the suckling pig, accompanied by a compote of apples and pickles. There are also creations such as the olive trapntojo. It is not very common to find such a wide range of EVOOs in a letter.

Cuatro restaurantes imprescindibles en la provincia de Ciudad Real

This is not just any pizza © Marquinetti (Facebook)


Pizzeria Marquinetti (Avda. D. Antonio Huertas, 47 tel. 926 51 46 66) €€

Pizza, this is what it is. But what a pizza! Haute cuisine and executed by the best pizza maker in the world. And it is not a hyperbole. Jesús Marquina, Marquinetti, was trained in Italy by the best teachers. And so good must have been the learning that, today, has won the world championship of this specialty five times.

How have you achieved it? First of all, bringing from Italy a good part of the raw materials (especially flour). Second, innovating in ingredients and combinations, but never losing sight of the essence of what this dish is and should be ; and, third, wasting art and lots of energy. Some examples: the foie, the Matador, Dulcinea, Rolling Stones …

This chef is behind a very successful franchise: Kilometers of Pizza, with four stores in Madrid.

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

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